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The Apple of His Eye

Old sayings, idioms, fill our conversation, often without us fulling understanding how we got them. [...]

God’s Love Letter

Have you ever received a love letter that was so precious to you that you [...]

How Did Abraham Hold onto God’s Promise?

This teaching is more than a sermon on God’s promises. It’s more than a talk [...]

Plug Into Holy Spirit Power

We see amazing miracles throughout the Bible. Stories so amazing they seem impossible. Yet, we [...]

God Demonstrated His love

Have you ever felt so disgusted with someone that you didn’t even want to look [...]

Pursue You Will Recover All David at Ziklag

Pursue You Will Recover All Go get ‘em! Are you God’s child? Do you realize [...]

Who is Jesus to You

I know that you know about Jesus. You can rattle off more facts about Jesus [...]

4 Way to Keep Your Relationship with God a Priority

Have you ever hung around a salty Christian and left wanting to have a deeper [...]

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