Where Did the Family Go?

Family is important. Treasure it. Invest in it.Adorable only begins to describe the soft, fluffy little ducks I passed on my bike route. Eleven chocolate colored little ducklings, along with a busy mom made up the newest little family at the pond in our neighborhood. That’s a huge brood. I don’t know if they were all hers or if she was baby sitting for a neighbor- do ducks do that? Would you call that a “Duck Dynasty?”

Sometimes they were scurrying through the stubby grass along the bank, stabbing their beaks into grass–feeding. Other times they waddled into the pond and swam away tucked close to their mom. I kept my distance, but I was delighted every time I saw them! They grew fatter and bigger as the days passed.

But suddenly the growing family was gone. So I search the banks of the next pond and then the next for the duck family, but they were gone. The grass was freshly mowed, so I feared the worse had happened to the active little brood. Everyday I looked and wondered, “Where did the family go?”

Where did the family go?

And it’s a question I ask myself as I listen to and watch people, “Where did the family go?”

If you define the family as people simply living together under one roof then my question may baffle you!

But if you define family as a cohesive team, with a leader, rules and guidelines, each member working together, loving each other, encouraging each other, then maybe you’ve asked the same question.”Where has the family gone?”

Or if you are like me and believe the family should be described with another qualifying adjective-Godly, then maybe you are praying as well. God, strengthen our families. Help us to be the Godly family that you intended us to be.



Starting with the first family, God’s plan for the family was built on relationship. First, fellowship with Him and then each other. In this relationship He planned for the family to be a filled with love, honor, kindness, forgiveness and peace. Too often we worry more about the furnishings of our home then we do the atmosphere of our home.

  • Is worship and prayer a part of your home?
  • Do you laugh in your home?
  • Is your home a fun place?
  • How is your relationship with your spouse…with your kids?


God had an assignment for Adam and Eve. Their job was to dress and keep the garden. Families need to work together. That’s right! I know I said one of those hated four lettered word, but doing a job well is a foundational way to build self esteem. Each member needs to work together, serve each other and help each other.

Does every member understand their role and function in your home?


God established right and wrong. He established boundaries. He determines the boundaries, not our desires or whims. Families need boundaries. God said, “Don’t eat the fruit of this tree.” Why? I can’t say I totally understand the why, but that’s not nearly as important as surrendering our will to Him!

  • Are His rules the guidelines and boundaries set for your home?
  • Do you walk out the principles of Scripture at home?

I want to ask you a very personal question,

“Is God the center of your home?”

You can have a godly home. You can have the kind of family that God intended, but it’s not automatic. You have to purposefully choose God’s way.

where did the ducks go? Are we more concerned about ducks than families? Let's build families.

Where’s the duck family?

They must have taken a little walk. I saw them back at the pond swimming across several weeks later. They were bigger and better than ever! Can that happen to your family…at least the better part…absolutely…and it starts with one step.





Invite Christ into your home.

  • Ask Him to show you the first step to becoming the family He intended.
  • Never stop asking.
  • Never stop growing.
  • Never stop obeying what He says.