Unclaimed!       I first heard about it on one of those morning news shows. I was working on the website, doing boring repetitive tasks, so I flipped on the TV. It was just a brief mention, grouped with a hodge podge of money saving ideas. But, it grabbed my attention–so I grabbed a pen and wrote down the website–https://unclaimed.org/


The savvy, money-saving guru explained that people have unclaimed money that belongs to them. Money that is legally theirs, but for whatever reason, they have never claimed it. This website lists the names and how much they have in unclaimed funds. It could be from a few dollars to hundreds, even thousands of dollars. I knew I didn’t have any rich uncles, but who knows, maybe I had unclaimed funds waiting for me to discover.

I went to the website. Typed in my name and waited for the results- nothing in my name. I typed in my husband’s name-still nothing. I typed in each of my children’s names, my in-laws names, and my sister’s name; all with the same result- nothing. But, then I typed my brothers name. He name brought up two results. He had unclaimed funds just waiting for him to take ownership. Woo hoo! Funds that had been his all along. He just needed to claim them so he could take possession and enjoy them.


     I know you saw this coming almost from the first line, but there are people on your job, in your classroom, in your family, that have left God’s Gift unclaimed.
  • Maybe they didn’t know God’s has a gift for them.
  • Maybe they don’t know how wonderful it is, or how fabulous the benefits are that come with God’s Gift.
  • Maybe they just don’t understand His offer!

Maybe, just maybe, that someone is you.

Do you think maybe it’s time somebody told them?

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.
Open your eyes. Look around you.
Who can you share God’s Gift with this Christmas.
Who can you love?
Who can you help claim what Jesus bought and paid for them to enjoy?

This Christmas, help someone claim the gift that keeps on giving!