Maybe a “Fast” Be Called a “Slow”- Fasting

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Peanut butter and jelly sandwichesMost months just fly by, but not January. I am one of many people that has been fasting in January. While I have NOT gone on a total fast, it’s been a modified Daniel fast. On the “Fasting Scale” of impressive fasts, it wouldn’t mean much to most believers, but it’s been challenging for me. In addition to the food part of the fast, there’s been major emphasis on feeding my spirit, reading the Word and prayer. I have been amazed by the truth that I have gained during this fast; some really important stuff. It has been a major time of growth for me.
Since I was a very young child, my heart has always been tender towards God; but I’ve experienced a new hunger for God–a new brokenness and tenderness. I crave His presence and His Truth like I crave a brownie and believe me I’m craving a brownie right now. Actually, the craving goes deeper than the craving for chocolate. And, it’s a healthy craving. I want more of God not because I want to be a reservoir to store it up, but so I can be an outlet for Him to flow through.
Everywhere I turn, people are facing serious, serious problems. Everywhere I turn people are trying to stick their finger in the proverbial dam to keep it from bursting, but its just not working. I realize that most problems are multi-faceted and convoluted to the point that there are multiple opinions on what is needed, but I am convinced it all boils down to the need for Jesus. Desperately, we need Jesus.
Fasting and prayer are ways to humble our hearts and express our desperation to God. I’m not a fancy “faster”. I only do a meal or two here and there, but this season of humbling my heart has been precious beyond words. Thank you Jentzen Franklin for reminding us to fast; for reminding me of the importance of fasting. My heart has been touched by this precious season, but I will be glad when nine more days have passed and I can eat a brownie.