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Unleash the Power of Thanksgiving

  That’s right and I mean it too…there is power in giving thanks. You can and should unleash the power of thanksgiving!    And I’m not referring to the big fancy, elaborate “thank you” either. No, the simple two words “thank you” connected to a sincere heart has life changing power.  We are wowed with the […]

Just One Pie Only Mentality- So Blessed

One Pie Only Mentality- So Blessed

  My daddy made the best “Sweet Potato Pie” ever. Yes, it’s a Southern thang and no, it’s not the same as a Pumpkin Pie–it is way, way better. He only made them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why do we save the most delicious things for only holidays? Just saying… Sweet Potato Pie was my […]

Don’t Be Afraid- You CAN do it!

Joy Hemler my healthy slim and trim friend.

                            Don’t be afraid- you CAN do it! I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Joy Hemler. She was a children’s pastor  just outside of Washington DC for many years, but now she is in Belgium. I asked her […]

Lessons From a Stray Cat- Attitude Determines Altitude

Lessons I learned from a stray Cat.

I’m not an animal lover, but please don’t stop reading this blog if you are one. I have had my share of pets. We had the usual family dog as the children were growing up, that the kids promised to feed, but always forgot- so I had to care for it. We even had a […]

Frozen In Place

Frozen In Place

  We had a gorgeous snow time in Michigan. Kayden was born on a snowy afternoon and it is still snowing. They closed schools for two days to celebrate Kayden’s birth. No, actually we celebrated and the school board protected kids from dangerous, icy roads. It was so cold, that the salt wouldn’t melt the […]

The Christmas Struggle

The Christmas Struggle

      Ahh, the wonders of Christmas: Twinkling lights. Fragrant wreaths. Luscious treats. Good friends. Wonderful relatives….and perhaps some not so wonderful relatives. Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without those “not so” wonderful relatives. Don’t be coy, you know the ones. They  try your patience and fray your nerves. As you send out your Christmas cards, maybe […]

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