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Backpack and Life Pack

Have you shopped for backpacks lately? Whether you are a parent with a bushel of kids that need a bushel of backpacks or someone that cares about kids who need some help getting their back to school supplies, I want to share this amazing story with you because there is someone that needs your help […]

Fathers Rename Your Children

I cannot begin to grasp the emotions that filled that space when Rachel uttered her last words. Another son…but one that she would never hold…never cradle in her arms…or kiss it’s sweet cheeks…so mustering her last ebb of strength she uttered the baby’s name Ben-oni. And it was true…he was the son of her sorrow. […]

A Basket Case

Pray that our educational system will not be Godless.

The yellow sausages are rolling down the highways again. They are stuffed with squirming, energetic students armed with shiny new pencils and clean notebooks with only their names scrawled across the front.   Dressed in new clothes and sporting fresh haircuts they arrive to face a new school year. Moms exhausted from hearing the incessant”I’m bored” […]

A Man Without Honor

I was shopping in the garden department when I noticed two boys painstakingly specific in their color choice. They were convinced that you simply CAN’T give your dad a pink rose bush for Father’s Day. The boys circled the pallets of “Knock Out Roses” like vultures, searching for “the perfect red, big and beautiful rose […]

Eye C U 2

train your children using the Bible

It’s the first game we play with our babies, “Peep Eye. I see you!” Or maybe you say “Peek-a-boo. I see you.” Same game. Their response covers the spectrum from coos to hysterical laughter.  As they grow a little older they cover their eyes and peer through their fingers. I find it fascinating that young […]

Where Did the Family Go?

Adorable only begins to describe the soft, fluffy little ducks I passed on my bike route. Eleven chocolate colored little ducklings, along with a busy mom made up the newest little family at the pond in our neighborhood. That’s a huge brood. I don’t know if they were all hers or if she was baby […]

Leading Your Child to Christ- Salvation

Pastor Jason Yon and his wife Amy have been my friends for years. I’ve had them in my home and love this precious young couple. Recently Pastor Jason had the priviliege of leading his young son to Christ and the salvation experience. It was so moving I immediately asked him if he would share it […]

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