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God Demonstrated His love

Have you ever felt so disgusted with someone that you didn’t even want to look at them? Or maybe you’ve felt that you were so disgusting that you didn’t want anyone to see you? An even more important question is does God ever get so disgusted with us that He looks away? Did Jesus close […]

Out of the Darkness

Jesus shines in the darkness

Have you ever experienced the darkness? I mean REALLY dark darkness! I’m talking darkness beyond: the eerie darkness of a campsite deep in the woods on a moonless night; the frighting darkness that comes during  a hurricane; when the power goes out and all the windows are board up. or the paralyzing darkness of fear. […]

Redemption God’s Divine Exchange

Download Podcast This podcast is a combination of this post and the blog post entitled “Jesus Changed the Meaning of the Cross”     If you are reading the post only and not listening then I want to encourage you to read both posts. Exchange your money! One of the first things you do when you […]

Jesus Forever Changed the Meaning of the Cross

Why would anyone wear a cross around their neck? I’m sure you know what happened on a cross! It once was a place where people were crucified; and it is a slow, agonizing, HORRIBLE way to die! How does a cross of gold or silver, even when it is bedazzled with scrolling or diamonds, make […]

Solid Chocolate Bunny or Hollow Bunny?

chocolate bunny

In the world of Easter baskets the chocolate bunny is essential! It’s big so it helps fill the basket! That’s a really good thing. You gotta have a filler so it doesn’t require a bank loan to fill the basket! But which bunny do you choose? Solid chocolate or hollow?   First, I must admit […]

What Does Passover Have To Do With Me?

passover lamb

Passover began in Jewish homes around the world last evening, April 14. It began the Feast of Un-leven Bread that will culminate with Passover April 22. What significance does this Jewish feast have for today’s believer? It began in Egypt. God had told Abram that his seed would be enslaved for 400 years. (Genesis 15:13)  […]

Simply Not Qualified

Don't allow people that don't even know Jesus paint your picture of who He is.

I’m no painter! It should be against the law for me to paint anything, because I make such a mess. And I’m simply not qualified to paint.So don’t call me when you need something painted. That being said, I’m still the painter in the family. I just use plenty of drop cloths, tape off everything […]



       I first heard about it on one of those morning news shows. I was working on the website, doing boring repetitive tasks, so I flipped on the TV. It was just a brief mention, grouped with a hodge podge of money saving ideas. But, it grabbed my attention–so I grabbed a pen and wrote down […]

Gift Time Already?

  It’s happened already–at least for the gift buyer in the household. We’re already thinking: Gifts; Bargains; Sales. Great Sales, not just the 10% off a price that is already marked about 75% too high, but a really great price slashing sale like you find the day-after-Thanksgiving.    Anybody out there participate in that day-after-Thanksgiving madness? That […]

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