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The 15 Minute Habit That Will Change Your Life…Honest

What we don’t know is hurting us- everyday single day! What we don’t know is destroying our culture. It causes us to make wrong decisions. It’s hurting our homes, our children. It affects our jobs, our attitudes…everything we do. What we don’t know is destroying our culture and sending people to Hell.  That’s a scary […]

Don’t Forget Your Happy Bag, Even if It’s Not A Designer Bag

Don't forget your happy bag-gratitude.

My husband is a good man, I mean really good. He’s editing this so I know he’s smiling as he reads my compliment. He likes it when I brag on him and show my gratitude. Although there are many reasons I describe him as a good man, my favorite is… he is a patient man. […]

Just Because It’s Funny

I love to laugh and I hope you'll laugh with me.

Is confession really good for the soul? Well, I’m about to find out.   I bribe myself to workout in the mornings before breakfast… I wish it was with a Krispy Kreme Donut, but that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it? So instead I read the blogs I follow using Feedly. (Do you use that […]

My Most Memorable Halloween

My most memorable Halloween wasn’t about a costume or even the best treat or worst trick. It was the year I discovered a very important truth. A Halloween alternative has almost always been part of my role as a Children’s Pastor. I planned the event. Recruited workers. Purchased supplies. Organized the set up, the event […]

Sweet Apples. Sweet Peaches. Sweet Fruit.

The fruit must remain on the tree to become sweet fruit.

Labor Day weekend is Apple Festival time in North Carolina. We wanted to beat the crowds so we headed to Hendersonville before the weekend. Our first stop took us to Lake Lure, no apples, just lots of beauty to enjoy. I love  to walk along the lake flanked by gorgeous mountains. The Knock-out Roses and […]

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You! Really?

Is summer really over? I had planned refreshing walks at the ocean with my sweetheart and frequent trips to the park with my grandchildren, but my summer turned out very differently.It was mostly work and lots of it! Instead, we took down wallpaper, painted the walls, the trim, the doors, even the door knobs. But […]

May the Fellowship Be With You

Do you have a verse that thrills you and yet challenges you to your very core? 2 Corinthians 13:14 does that for me. NLT “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Star Wars gave us the quote, “May the Force be […]

Oh Baby…Royal Baby

baby kayden

Oh baby! He’s finally arrived.  He weighed in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces. And now he has a name–George Alexander Louis. He will be called “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.”   Oh, there’s just nothing like a baby. Soft velvety skin. All cuddly and warm. So innocent and precious! While I will […]

Life Lessons I’ve Learned

Things I learned as I traveled through life.

I had a great birthday, yesterday! It was an awesome day! I worked hard and then my sweetheart took me out to dinner. He told me “Happy Birthday, I love you.”  at least a dozen times…and I didn’t get tired of him saying it either. Thank all of you for your birthday greetings! I felt […]

Pack Light

Wayne and I love to travel. We have been to some glorious places. We accomplished our goal to see all 50 states in 2011. Mono Lake, California was my favorite place, but I also loved the Sequoia’s and Yosemite. Then there was the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, Mt. McKinley in Alaska, the London Bridge in […]

See. Seize. Sizzle. Expanding Your Influence

Legos were scattered all over the den floor. Paper and crayons were strewn on the hearth which had become their drawing table. I washed dishes and Wayne cooked a fabulous southern breakfast, which by the way, he is famous for! After breakfast Wayne and I, each with a cup of steaming, black coffee moved into […]

Lessons From a Stray Cat- Attitude Determines Altitude

Lessons I learned from a stray Cat.

I’m not an animal lover, but please don’t stop reading this blog if you are one. I have had my share of pets. We had the usual family dog as the children were growing up, that the kids promised to feed, but always forgot- so I had to care for it. We even had a […]

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