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I love to listen to Ron Hutchcraft’s “A Word With You” via radio or podcasts. He has the amazing ability to take ordinary life, things I understand really well, and use them to help me understand the spiritual, something I hardly understand at all. He uses what I understand to help me understand what I […]

Harvest Strategies- Planting

Harvest Strategies- Planting

If we are serious about planting God’s word in people’s hearts, we need strategy. And we should be very serious about the cultivating process if we want to enjoy a great harvest. I see scriptural strategy for the planting process.     Strategies I see in God’s Word for harvest.   Plow the Ground Plow […]

Preparing The Soil

Preparing the Soil

Preparing the soil? What does that have to do with you? What does that have to do with teacher training? It’s a huge deal when your goal is a harvest and not just planting seeds. Martha’s dad was a farmer in every sense of the word. He raised sheep and milked cows, but farming was […]

More Than a Jar- Planting

More Than a Jar

Jars hold things: coins, buttons, nails, and sometimes pickles. Jars were made to keep them, to keep them from getting scattered or in the case of pickles to preserve them. But the students in your class or not jars…and the seed you bring to your class each week is not for collecting or hoarding. It […]

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