Don’t Let the Wrapping Fool You

Don't Let the Wrapping Fool You

It’s a gift.

Don't Let the Wrapping Fool YouNot the gift, but a gift. You know an ability that you either got it or you don’t. Gift wrapping is an art and some of us just don’t have it. Have you ever gotten a gift from someone that does have the gift, the wrap a gift gift? (Did I completely confuse you?)

It amazing. Every single fold is aligned and creased to perfection. Artful selection of color and ribbon that goes beyond just matching to completely dazzle the receiver.


It’s a visual thing!

We live in a visual society. Presentation is very important in our culture. We want our houses to look good, our cars to look good, our clothes to look good, our food to look good and yes even our gifts to look good.


Thousands of dollars are spent every year on gift wraps, bows and gift bags.

We want to wrap the gift beautifully. We want the recipient to anticipate the beauty of our gift selection. While I understand that fact  and even try to achieve it to extent of my limited ability, I gotta tell you my best gifts weren’t wrapped gloriously. The gifts I treasure were wrapped in wrinkled paper,cut painfully by little fingers that leave jagged edges, folded unevenly with the white inside of the paper showing in spots, then taped with long strips of way too much tape.


I’ve discovered  it’s important to realize:

don’t let the wrapping fool you.


God’s plan of salvation was sent into the world in a little package.

God had big plans for his little gift.

Just because God’s gift was wrapped in a little package didn’t diminish the greatness of God’s gift.

Don’t let the wrapping fool you.

God’s gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes. He wasn’t wrapped in the clothes of royalty. He came humbly so anyone could approach him. He came to give His life for everyone, not just the rich and famous.

Don't Let the Wrapping Fool You

Don’t let the wrapping fool you.

Jesus looked like an ordinary baby, but there is nothing ordinary about what He would accomplish. Tweet this!

He was the Word made flesh.

He was the son of God come in the form of a man to redeem all man kind.


Don’t let the wrapping fool you.

Jesus was wrapped in humanity so that you could be wrapped in His kingly robe of righteousness. Tweet this!

Don’t let the wrapping fool you.

Christmas is not about some cute little baby.

It’s about God Gift- His Son. Tweet this!
Honestly, that thought it riveting! God gave His Son…His Son!

In Him, in Jesus, there is salvation.

In Him is peace.

In Him is love, joy, redemption.

Not the love that is expressed through human emotion, but the God kind of love,

that keeps on loving,

that keeps on giving even in the midst of trouble,


and hatred.

Don’t let the wrapping fool you.

Christmas is not old news that we repackage.

It’s new. It’s message is relevant.  Tweet this!

It’s alive, living. It brings life. It gives life. It produces life.

His mercies are new every morning.

Every day God wants to walk with you and talk with you and help you be an over comer and winner in every area of your life.

So next time you see a piece of wrapping paper or you unwrap a gift be sure to remember,

Don’t let the wrapping fool you.