Don’t Squash Your Own Dreams

It's time to dream again.

The Bucket List Movie

Rob Reiner’s “The Bucket List” has inspired folks to make a list of things they want to do before they die. I’m constantly having people tell me about their “Bucket List” or an item they have recently scratched off their list. The movie inspired them to dream.


A minister’s question

A minister came to our church with a riveting question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”


That question catapulted my friend to go back to school to become a kindergarten teacher. And she became an amazing teacher, the kind of teacher every mother dreams of having for their child.


A speaker’s comment

At a conference with one great speaker after another, a friend beside me picked up on a quote that I totally missed. “A journey begins with one step. What one step do you need to take?”


It launched her weight loss program. Step by step she lost the weight. Now she looks and feels great.


Your dream could change someone’s life.

New inventions are fueled by dreams.

Cures for diseases are birthed from a dream.

Successful businesses, works of art, books, churches, buildings are conceived in a person’s heart by the seed of a dream.

Don’t die with your dream locked inside you. You were made for more. The world needs the gift inside you to be released.


Your dream could change someone’s life…but it will definitely change yours!



What about you?

Are you a dreamer?

It’s Time to dream again!



What is keeping you from dreaming?

Too old?

  • Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 65
  • At age 88, Mademoiselle magazine named Grandma Moses a “Young Woman of the Year”.


Too afraid?

  • What if i fail?
  • What if I look stupid?
  • What if I run out of money?
  • What if I can’t do it?

But I want to ask you

  • what if you don’t fail?
  • What if you do look stupid, so what?
  • What if money is miraculously supplied?
  • What if you can do it?

You’ll never know until you try. And trying, applied effort, comes when you dare to dream a dream.

Don’t be your own dream squasher!

Don’t squash your dreams by being too lazy or too afraid to even dream.

It’s time to dream again…even if you’re old…even if your broke…even if you’re not talented.


I want to ask you, “What would you do, if you couldn’t fail?”

  • What would you love to do?
  • Write it down! Don’t over think it, just dream.
  • Write it down. Think later.
  • Don’t worry about spelling or how practical it is, just write.
  • Now, put your paper away until tomorrow.

Then ask yourself

  • Are there some things on that list that you want bad enough that you’ll work to achieve them?
  • Put those items on a new list.

Now work backwards.

What steps are necessary to fulfill that dream?

  • When do you want to accomplish it? When you give it a completion date it is no longer a dream, but a goal.
  • How will it make you feel to accomplish that goal?
  • Who do you want to take with you on the way to that goal?
  • Write down some details.
    • Who.
    • What.
    • When?
    • Where?

I was raised in a little town called Chickasaw, AL. Before I married I had never been anywhere except Waynesboro, MS; Pensacola, FL; Montgomery, AL and Hamilton, AL. I was a homebody.


When I got married, Wayne was stationed in Minot, ND with the Air Force. We pulled a tiny little trailer with everything we owned all the way to North Dakota. I called it the trail of tears. I was leaving my Mama and my Daddy and going far, far away!


Our new pastor was a world traveler and I caught the traveling bug. No, really look it up…there’s a bug….called a traveling…OK…. No such thing, but I caught his passion for experiencing new places and new people.


When we started our family we had some dreams that we turned into goals. One of the goals was for our family to visit all fifty states. We didn’t finish that dream before they married and left home, but Wayne and I have been to all fifty states. They’ve been to approximately 30 of the  states.


We turned our dream into a goal.

  1. We wrote it down.
  2. We set a timeline–before they graduated from high school.
  3. We began to chisel away on the goal, little by little.


We all know people that have dreamed of unlikely things that really did happen.

You’ve watched the movies and heard the stories of people with physical inadequacies –the wrong size, too short, too little or financial limitations, but somehow they did.

Don’t squash your own dreams.

It’s time to dream again…and turn that dream into a goal and that goal into a reality.


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