Faith is Better Than Daffodils

clumps of delicate daffodils

clumps of delicate daffodils

The daffodils have been stunning this year!

Clumps of yellow daffodils make me wish I had planted some of these delicate, sweet blooms in my yard last year.

Maybe it’s because they are some of the first flowers to arrive that make them so special.


Or maybe, it’s their sunshine  yellow color that makes me feel happy and warm all the way to the inside.


Then it could be the way they bend their necks like farmers bent over a hoe. Or the distinctive thin paper like scarves wrapped around those necks that make them seem wiser than me, because my neck is red and fiery from working in the yard all day. I didn’t wear a scarf on my neck.

Or the way they come back year after year. Even after the home that they were planted around is gone, they still come back, like land marks with a story of endurance and perseverance.


My practical side, is attracted to the fact that they require very little maintenance and my thrifty side to the fact that they multiply like crazy!

A daffodil has all the winning characteristics that determine my plant selections.







If daffodils are so wonderful, then why don’t I have a single one in my yard?

Too much shade.

Squirrels have eaten up all my bulbs in the past. What’s the use in buying more bulbs? 

Too busy or should I say I never made daffodils a priority.


Inside me is the garden of my soul.

Growing there are beautiful flowers and nasty, fertilizer gobbling weeds.


The most vibrant flower I can grow is faith.


Yet sometimes I have to ask…

Where’s the faith?

Yes, I’ve allowed unanswered prayers to rob it.

And lack of priority to prevent it.

Even the darkness of my “un-surrendered will” has hindered its growth!


That’s right!




And while I may never grow any dandy daffodils,  I can tell you for sure…

(I’m standing up as I started my sentence. Sorry, I don’t mean to be so loud. Oh, and that pointing thing I do, I know that’s rude. Excuse me, but I want you to really understand, I mean it!)


With God’s help…I’m gonna grow


grow some faith?

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