How to Enjoy Your Life More

Is there something you can do that will actually help you enjoy your life more?

If there was a valid answer would you change what needed to be changed?

Maybe you’re cautiously answering, “Well, that depends…”

Have you ever thought about the fact that most folks have so much and enjoy it so little?

That trait is much easier to see in other people-







…than it is in ourselves!


Maybe you’ve complained, “He/she/they doesn’t/don’t even realize all that I do for him/them!”

They don’t realize how hard I work…give…sacrifice…etc.


We notice that trait in others,

but since I’m not talking to others, let’s talk about you.


Have you ever…

Complained that you didn’t have anything to wear, as you looked through your closet full of clothes?

Or, stared into a pantry of food choices and complained that you didn’t have anything to eat?

Or, have you compared your family or friends, house, income with someone else’s and realized their’s was much bigger and grander and better than yours?


We know it’s true.

What is that trait? Why aren’t you enjoying your relationships, your job, and your possessions more? If we see that trait for what it is, then we can deal with it.

Is it



Busy lifestyles?



Just normal stuff? So we take it for granted?


After the REIGN Conference at MCC  (Oh! How I love MCC!), the leadership team took Wayne and I out for dinner at Kitchen 64. The food was fabulous. I had fried oysters, my absolute favorite thing in the whole world to eat. It was stuff your jaws like a hamster–GOOD! It’s hard to talk when you’re eating food that good, but you know me; somehow I managed to find a way to talk!!


Then they suggested we go to Shyndigz!

(Notice the funny guy photo bombing the picture! Yes, he was part of our group! Smile.) I should have known I was in for an adventure, but it was way beyond anything I could have anticipated! Pam is a fabulous tour guide. She shared points of interest as we drove through the streets of Richmond. (I absolutely love to learn things about a city!)



It was a Saturday night so we had to park a few blocks away! On one corner is the cafe. On the other corner is a take out area with a side street dividing both locations. The area in front of the wooden glass case, lined with “Texas” tall cakes, was filled with take-out customers waiting for their turn to order. The lighting was low and the decor would have delighted even Joanna Gaines. We squeezed through the crowd and a narrow hall to a waiting area in the back.

We had a long wait probably, but no one seemed to mind. The conversation was engaging and insightful! When our table was ready, we crossed the street to the cafe.

Again, the lights were low, the lighted branch arches and bird cages, the antique-styled fireplace and mixture of wood and metal furnishings created a wonderful ambiance. It was beautiful! But honestly, I would have missed so much of Shyndigz beauty if it hadn’t been for Jennifer. She noticed everything, and shared her insightfulness.

When I left, I was challenged to become a noticer!


If I don’t see it, then I can’t enjoy it.

When I’m in the mountains, I’ve complained that people that live there don’t even notice the mountains anymore. It’s just the normal stuff, so often they stop seeing them. When you stop seeing things, you stop enjoying them.


So take inventory.

Realize what you have! Don’t lump everything into a pile and move on to the next.

So…I’m challenging you to notice ordinary things… soft blankets… warm showers… birds singing… peoples faces… the buttons on a favorite blouse… the corners of your mate’s mouth… and the smell of chicken cooking on the stove.


I challenge you to notice things that you take for granted—people you take for granted.

Step 1 to enjoying everything more.

See it.

(The glasses are the mirrors on the bathroom wall. Isn’t that adorable!)

See it. Value it!

If it has no value to you, then it is clutter. Clutter distracts you from enjoying the things you love. Get rid of the clutter. (No! I’m not saying it’s time for you to get rid of your living room furniture and buy new stuff. You know what I mean.)


Step 2: See through a lens of gratitude.

I know! I know! You’ve heard this before! But it’s important!!!

Be thankful. Express your thankfulness to God. Say thank you often and mean it. Smile when you say it. Smiling connects your words with your emotions.


I have discovered that washing dishes can be a wonderful pleasure when I wash them with an attiude of gratitude. When I realize washing dishes is an opportunity to serve my family, it changes how I feel about the task. Even cleaning the greasy bacon tray can be a joy when I am thankful for the bacon.


It really boils (no pun intended) down to attitude.

An attitude of gratitude changes the way I look at everything! Even bad situations. If you look for the best, you will find it. And sadly if you look for the worst, you will find that too!


Value the things you have been given enough to take care of them.

Don’t wait until you have a nicer car or vacuum cleaner to take care of it. Take care of the one you have.


Knowing you need to be grateful is not the same thing as being grateful. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a lifestyle that you develop. Start with baby steps. And, then grow more and more thankful everyday.


Some Challenges!

There are some challenges that you may have to address as you live out this new determination to “See through the lens of gratitude.”

  • Busy Life

  • Attitudes of:

  • Entitlement or Greed

  • Bad habits of:

  • Grumbling or Comparison


One last…oops… three last words!

Don’t Dare Compare!

You’ll always be the loser if you do. Comparison sends either pride or jealousy to knock on your door. Neither make good house guests.


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