Life Lessons I’ve Learned

Things I learned as I traveled through life.

I had a great birthday, yesterday! It was an awesome day! I worked hard and then my sweetheart took me out to dinner. He told me “Happy Birthday, I love you.”  at least a dozen times…and I didn’t get tired of him saying it either. Thank all of you for your birthday greetings! I felt the love and I love you back.

Now that I’m older, I didn’t say old, just older…now that I have a few years to analyze  I realize I’ve learned some things. Some things were painful to learn and others came easy for me.

I thought I would give you my list of Top Ten Things I have learned in life and ministry.

Things I learned as I traveled through life.

1. I’ve learned to be flexible.

Steel flexes, iron snaps. The best laid plans are subject to change. In the middle of an Easter program when the pastor says cut it short, you gotta be flexible or you’ll snap. Then there are those times when you have an eight foot stage and seven foot ceiling. Or when you’ve been told to use one room for your class, but when you get there they give you a different room. My personal favorite is when you meticulously plan an hour and a half program and the evangelist rambles, oops preaches, for three hours. (I can say that, because I am one of those evangelist now.)

2. Think the best of people.

Find good in everyone. They’ll love you when you value them. Love people, because love never fails. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood. I’ve learned not to look down on others, because everyone knows something I don’t.

3. Get behind your leader,

         but don’t kick him/her– as tempting as it may be.

4. Forget about the wrong, remember the good.

                   I’d like to give you examples of the wrongs, but I’ve forgotten them, well, at least most of them!

5. Be careful what you say and to whom who you say it.

      Ministry is not the place for motor mouths without an off switch.

6. Never put an Aaron in charge until, he has your heart.

7. You have to play by the rules of the park you’re playing in; never your rules.

8. I am responsible for only what I’m responsible for –nothing more, nothing less.

9. There is a God and His name is not Pat Holland.

10. People can’t follow you if you’re not going somewhere.

I would like to make it a “Top Ten List”, but you know how long winded I am. However, since it’s my birthday week, doesn’t everyone celebrate their birthday for a week, I’ll just be who I am, long winded!

11. I want to develop participators, not spectators.

12. Don’t become road kill on the road to success.

The road to success is strewn with dead quitters (critters). Forgive, guard your attitude and keep moving upward.