Can people see the light of Jesus in you?

Olympic 2012 Flame Went Out
It’s an uncomfortable question, because it’s a primary role of every believer. Jesus reminds us that no one hides the light, instead they put it on a stand where it can be seen. And because it matters so much, it is a question we need to ask ourselves, “Can people see the light of Jesus in you?

The Light of the Olympic Flame

When I think of outstanding lights, I think about the Olympic Flames. I remember the Olympic Games of 2012 because the Olympic flame went out! And that’s a super, big deal.
The 2012 Olympics are history. The US Team once again ranked highest medal count with 104 medals- 46 of which were gold. Their successes fed our national pride. Our glimpses of the powerful swimmer, here Michael Phelps, the amazing and adorable Gabby Douglas and the incredible perseverance of Manteo Mitchell, running his portion of the relay with a broken leg, are national treasures, at least for this American.
My encounter with the 1996 Olympic Flame in Jacksonville left me with a lifelong interest in the Olympic Flame. (I blogged about this event. It was a big deal for me. Here’s the link, but I’ll put it at the bottom of this post too.) Out for that encounter I compiled a workshop called Carrying the Torch. And because of my interest in the Olympic Flame, one of my greatest memories from the 2012 Olympics will be that they let the Olympic Flame go out.
Olympic 2012 Flame Went Out

Extinguishing the Olympic Flame is a huge NO NO!

  • They tried to minimize the situation with excuses.
  • Reports explained that it was done for safety reasons.
  • It was necessary to extinguish the flame because they had to move the location of the cauldron. They explained is away as insignificant by saying, we had the mother-flame, the official Olympic flame, nearby to relight the cauldron.

There another light that everyone needs to see. It’s the light of Jesus.

Seeing the Olympic flame is not life changing, it’s just a good thing to see. But seeing Jesus is not just a good thing to see Jesus; it’s the difference between Heaven and Hell for some people.

Can people see the light of Jesus in you?

Do they feel His love?
Do they see His compassion?
Seeing the light of Jesus is needed more than ever!
The second reason I will remember the 2012 Olympics is because the final location of the cauldron is not located where people could see the flame.
You couldn’t see the flame unless you had a ticket inside the stadium.
Can’t see the flame without a ticket? You’ve got to be kidding me, really?

And too many church members have bought into the same mentality of the Olympic organizers.

Let the world come to us. Build it and they’ll come. Well they haven’t come, because the light is what draws them.
Jesus said, “if I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.” John 12:32
We’ve embraced the mentality, let me get the world into the church, so they can see Jesus.
That’s backwards.

We must realize, we are the church.

We are jars of clay, lamps, lit and shining for the world to see the light of Jesus Christ.
And the sad truth is, they probably won’t see Him at church, if they don’t see Him in us.
People will want to come to church when they see how wonderful, powerful and loving Jesus is by seeing His reflection in our lives.
I’m talking about more than being a nice person, however, being nice is a good start.

The world needs more than nice people, they need Jesus.

We need to be full of Jesus, so people see Him in us.

But that comes with spending time with Him.

Loving Him.
Obeying Him.
Serving Him.
Can people see Jesus in you?

My suggestions:

A: ask God to help you love Him and people more. Ask God to ignite your spiritual passion.
B: be a servant, in little ways by doing little things.
C: see, ok, it doesn’t start with the letter “c”, but you’ll remember it now. See through the eyes of Christ. See opportunity.
D: do the works that you see Jesus doing. He promised we would.
You can read the account yourself of “When the Torch Went Out”
I pray that people will see the light of Jesus in you in a greater way than ever before!