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Dreams Do Come True- Prodigal Family Film

Dreams Do Come True



Mark Harper is doing more than dreaming a dream. He is living it! As long as I have known him, which goes way back, he has always been a person that thinks out of the box. He has spent years as a Children’s Pastor, writing curriculum, training children’s ministry leaders and equipping families. And for years he has written and produced short films to use as part of his teaching strategy. Media is important and a viable teaching tool in today’s culture. For years, Mark had a dream, a dream to make a full length movie.



Some people dream soap bubble dreams that drift through their minds and pop quickly. But not Pastor Mark. He put prayer and work into his dream. He developed strategy and pulled together a team of people that could help make his dream a reality. This week his dream became just that–a reality. This week, his full length movie was released. Prodigal, is a family movie for ages 12 and up. You can read Mark’s story. Or for more information about the Prodigal DVD



In a culture of fallen heroes and sleepy saints I am thrilled to hear success stories. I share Pastor Mark’s story for two reasons.

1. It’s time for you to dream again.

2. It time for you to invest in somebody else’s dream.


In my Leading Like Moses Series, I talk about the difference between copying someone’s dream and dreaming God’s dream for your life. Moses could have dreamed of being a Pharaoh, but God had a different dream for him!


Joseph’s brothers were jealous when they heard Joseph’s dream. Instead of supporting they tried to kill him. While most of us don’t go to the drastic measures that they did, still we watch people struggle instead of helping them carry the load.

  • Who do you know that has a big dream?
  • How can you help?
  • Then do it! Actually help them.


Sometimes that means rolling up your sleeves and putting some sweat equity into their dream. But it can be as simple as saying something encouraging. A pat on the shoulder, a genuine, “You can do it!” can go a long ways.


Sometimes, it’s as simple as purchasing a good DVD on the week it’s released. You can purchase it at Christian Books online for $12.99, (You’ll have to pay shipping) but I was excited to see it so I got mine at Family Christian for $14.99. I hope you’ll get it too.


Children’s Pastors are SPECIAL people! I’m constantly wowed by them. So proud of you Mark! Good job!


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