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The Christmas Struggle

The Christmas Struggle

      Ahh, the wonders of Christmas: Twinkling lights. Fragrant wreaths. Luscious treats. Good friends. Wonderful relatives….and perhaps some not so wonderful relatives. Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without those “not so” wonderful relatives. Don’t be coy, you know the ones. They  try your patience and fray your nerves. As you send out your Christmas cards, maybe […]

Gift Time Already?

  It’s happened already–at least for the gift buyer in the household. We’re already thinking: Gifts; Bargains; Sales. Great Sales, not just the 10% off a price that is already marked about 75% too high, but a really great price slashing sale like you find the day-after-Thanksgiving.    Anybody out there participate in that day-after-Thanksgiving madness? That […]

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