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Absolutely Overwhelmed

Absolutely Overwhelmed

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I loose my might to fight, because I feel overwhelmed.  Because I’m faced with too many things and everything sDSC01617eems to much for me to tackle.


Let me explain. In the last few weeks we uncovered a termite invasion in our house, horrors! Our truck had a very expensive break down. My computer crashed. The dishwasher broke. The refrigerator went out. The dryer quit drying. Family crisis. When it all happens at once it’s overwhelming. And that’s how it usually happens. It’s not just one thing, it’s multiple things, one right after another! Ahhh!


Not only that, my yard. I have taken out locust trees repeatedly. Wayne is a craftsman, so I do things that don’t require carpentry skills. So sawing down the locust trees has been my job. He helps, but it’s my job. I cut them down in the fall. Pulled the roots up as far as I could pull. In February, for every place I had one in the fall, I now had two. So I chopped and hacked. I pulled and chopped some more. I’ve poisoned. I’ve cut. I’ve pulled, but now they have taken over the entire hillside! Ahhh! I was totally overwhelmed. I just wanted to go to bed. I had no more might to fight the locust.Get busy. Don't loose your might to fight.


But going to bed doesn’t clear off the hillside.



In spite of how I felt I had to tackle my mountain. This is what I did.

  • I got some help.
  • I developed a game plan.
  • I found the right tools for the job.
  • I broke it down into manageable pieces.
  • I got busy.


I think my strategy for clearing the locust from the hillside is a viable strategy for whatever may be overwhelming you. Whether it’s financial, physical, disobedient children or organizing a closet. Life can be overwhelming. Problems can be overwhelming. When that happens we can loose our might to fight. Instead, tackle it. What strategy do you use when you feel overwhelmed.


Get some help. Don't loose your might to fight.

Think Missional! Pass this on to someone you think may enjoy it or need it.



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