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Free Download: Developing a Great Team

I wanted to share this workshop with you. Whether you are in children’s ministry or another area of ministry, this workshop is for you. If you’re not in children’s ministry some of the illustrations will not apply, but overall, the information adapts to most ministries. Even a family should operate as a team or crew. As believers, we are all part of a team, the Bible compares it to a body. Each part of the body has it’s unique function and place that is vital to the rest of the body. In this 35 minute workshop set in the context of sailing, I share information that every member of the crew needs so they can be a strong link on the team.


Often my workshops teach skills, but the workshop that I am giving you today is about the heart of ministry. To fit the overall theme I called it “The Crew”.  I shared some things that must be cut, called “Crew Cuts” and things that are crew-cial (crucial) components for an effective crew. We had so much fun! I packed tons of information in this brief session. It is a mind set that lives out the principles of the classic story, “Stone Soup.” If you remember this story, the town discovers the power of everyone giving what they have to give and that when they do, the outcome is delicious!


As I mentioned in a my blog “Why I Still Attend Conferences” even though I have been in children’s ministry for many years I still attend conferences. I am strategic and purposeful in my search for knowledge and wisdom. I’m sure you are too. So I wanted to share this with you. Hope you enjoy it! After you listen to it. I hope you’ll come back and share your thoughts. Crucial things you’ve discovered for your team’s success.


I’ll quit jabbering and let you download the file. To help me determine your interest in this subject I’ve added a link button for the download. As always your information is safe with me. We never share, sell or abuse your contact information.



Teacher Training Conference


Contact us to host a conference in your church. We still have some dates open for the fall.

If you like “The Crew” Check out Belonging to a Dream Team Download


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