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How Are the Mighty Fallen

How? Why? How are the mighty fallen?  It was the question I had to ask the park ranger at the entrance to Sunset Crater National Park Our adventure took us from the red rocks of Sedona to Flagstaff. It was early fall and my image of the hot deserts of Arizona did not include snow. […]

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Get Un Stuck

We built our house almost 20 years ago! (Where has the time gone?) When I say we built it, I mean literally. We hired a contractor to dry it in, then we took over. It took us months. We moved in with bare floors and no window stills. We really enjoy working together, so it […]

There Once Was a Woman Who Swallowed a…

There once was a woman who swallowed a lie.

There once was a woman who swallowed a fly. The nursery rhyme asks… “perhaps she will die.” And everyone gasps, “Oh my! Why?”   But when I say, “There once was a woman who swallowed a lie.” No one gasps or even asks. A lie is harmless our actions imply. Besides, “Why should I pry?” […]

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You! Really?

Is summer really over? I had planned refreshing walks at the ocean with my sweetheart and frequent trips to the park with my grandchildren, but my summer turned out very differently.It was mostly work and lots of it! Instead, we took down wallpaper, painted the walls, the trim, the doors, even the door knobs. But […]

Extravagant by Bryan Jarrett- Passion

 extravagant bryan jarrett

If you follow my blogs you know I love stories, especially Bible stories. This young man loves them as passionately as I do. He has his doctorate, so what he does; his books, his preaching and his life is beyond story telling. Just when I thought I had a mental icon of what a successful pastor, author and preacher should look like along comes a man that changes that icon. He is passionate in his pursuit of God. He is humble, approachable and brilliant. He tells his story, his amazing and miraculous story of God taking care of a man following, obeying and giving his all to Christ.


I loved him for his riveting life story, but he does more in his book. But it’s the influence of HIS (God’s) story, the Scriptural weaving of powerful Bible truths into the fabric of his life that makes this book life changing.

If you want to read a book that will wrap you in God’s love and then release you into your destiny with renewed passion, you need to read this book.


Meeting and hearing this man at District Council in Louisana impacted my life. I’m seeing things differently…oh, how desperately I want to be more like Jesus!



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Do You See What I See?- Mirror

I wonder what she sees when she looks in that mirror. I can almost hear her mom standing nearby questioning, “Who’s that? Who do you see? Is that Keira?” Perhaps she realizes that she’s looking at herself. You can tell by her smile that she likes what she sees. All babies seem to enjoy seeing […]

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