Have You Read: You Were Born For This


I’ve used the word impossible much more frequently since I read Bruce Wilkinson’s “You Were Born For This.”

But now I used it entirely different than before. Now impossible isn’t the boundary it was before. It is an action word that activates my faith.

Like the young, shocked Mary asked the angel, how can this be?

And the angel answered,
For nothing is impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37  nlt

We know that with our heads.

The fact that God still does miracles. Sometimes  we relabel miracles as a coincident.  When someone gets healed we try to explain it away with, they weren’t as bad off as we thought.

But the truth is God does miracles.


Big miracles.

Little miracles.

He still wants to touch people lives in a supernatural way.


Mr. Wilkerson’s book helps believers understand that God uses ordinary people, not a select special group, but people like you to deliver His miracles.

The truth is, you were created to help people in need experience personal miracles. You were created to cooperate with God to accomplish His work by His power.”

When people ask God to do His work though them by His supernatural power, things change. Relationships change. Finances, families, and spiritual lives change.


Mr. Wilkerson’s book is a bold reminder that God does miracles and He uses people to deliver them.  His stories will touch your heart and build your faith. But this book isn’t a book of stories. Its a guide to help you become more aware of the promptings of the Holy Spirit and ideas to help you respond accordingly.

It’s Not a Formula

That’s important for you to realize, this book is not a formula.

Now I will be the first to tell you that God doesn’t always move and nudge and speak to a believer in the ways that are described in “You Were Born For This.” It’s not a formula, but it is a guide. A guide that will help you notice, look for and respond confidently to the promptings of His inner voice. Recognizing and understanding some ways God speaks can build confidence that causes you to step out in obedience to obey God. It build an active, outward focused faith that prompts obedience.

A miracle?

Really? Absolutely! A tall order, until you understand that’s the exciting part. You can’t perform a miracle. That’s not your job in this partnership, that’s your partners part in the equation. Only God can do a miracle.

It’s a partnership where we, as believers ,we listen, respond and become God’s delivery person someone’s personal miracle.

Sometimes it’s as simple, (that’s a strange word to use when you are referring to a miracle), simple as hearing God point out someone to you with a need. Then as you respond He gives you insight that you couldn’t possibly possess without His divine whisper.

But why does God do that? Why does He want to use you and me as delivery people for His divine intervention?

People are hurting.

Because God loves people. He wants to demonstrate His love. He wants to give hope. Peace and because of His laws and plans He chooses to use people.

God’s purpose for doing any miracle is always the same: to meet a person’s need.p.31

You were born to accomplish God’s work by His power.

He uses simple words to help us recognize distinctive  signals as God speaks to us:

I underlined so many paragraphs on so many pages that it almost like rereading the book when I try to recover the important points.

Here an example,

“As you awaken your spiritual senses to what God is showing you, you can rest in the fact that God will lead you into the most meaningful experiences of your life so far.” p.125

One more than is so powerful,

“This kind of active trust in God’s Spirit is foundational to a lifestyle of predictable miracles because it activates the partnership and makes room for God to do what only He can do:the miracle.”

And he continues with valuable insight that helps believers understand how to partner with God to deliver His miracle in a way that God is recognized and honored. That is one of my favorite parts of this book. He gives questions to ask the recipient of the miracle to help them recognize that what just happened was from God.

I’ve been looking for a while for a sale on this book, but every time I looked it was regular price. I wanted you to get “You Were Born For This”. I know a great price can be an incentive. But I finally found it on sale. For only $2.99. That is an amazing price. Now it is slightly imperfect, but if you don’t mind that you can get a great book at a super great price.


They have some other slightly imperfect books that I’m going to get for sure! Here’s the link.

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