Daniel 11:32B tells us …

     but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

That promise is for children too…                

You probably know from personal experience that it is important to pray, but what about your children?

Is it important for children to pray?

Is it really? Can the prayers of a child make a real difference?

I was raised in a praying church that included children and it’s too late to try to convince me that God doesn’t hear a child’s prayer. Maybe you have a similar story.

Are your children praying?

Scary thought, Huh!

Let’s do better than that.

Children are feeling some of the same pressures you are, so how do we help them deal with these pressures? 

Let’s teach them to pray…really pray…

not just the “God is great. God is good. Prayer” over their food.

Or the night time “Now I lay me down to sleep…prayer.”


Children need to have a real relationship with God that is birthed out of prayer.

  They need a relationship with God that gives them strength, hope and peace.

I have a plan…

I’ve put together a great plan that will teach and inspire children to pray.

It’s called the 21 Day Children & Family Prayer Challenge.

But it won’t work unless we can get it in the hands of children.

That’s where you come in

     as a parent…

     as a grandparent…

     as a children’s ministry leader.

Let’s do it!

Let’s teach children to pray!!!!

Let’s pray for 21 days

   and learn lessons that will build our faith as we discover God’s strategy for prayer.




teach me to pray
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Teach Me to Pray
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21 Daily Insights

teach me to pray

21 Daily Encouragements

Teach Me to Pray 21 Day Children & Family Challenge

Let’s teach children to pray.

Let’s raise up children that pray confidently, know God and desire His Presence.

Let them 

See it modeled, by praying with your family.

Teach it. Here are some areas we will cover:

What does God’s Word say about prayer? Why? How? Prayer Pattern. Believe God. His Presence. Persistence. Hear God.

Do it. It’s not enough to just talk about prayer. From Day 1 let’s pray.

Track it. Develop a prayer habit by teaching them how to pray and making them accountable with the “I Prayed Chart” that is in the prayer journal.


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teach me to pray
See It!

Let them see it modeled.  Pray with your family.


Teach It!

What does Scripture say about prayer?

Teach me to pray
Do It! Track it!

More than talk about prayer, let’s pray.


The Teach Me to Pray Guidebook includes…

21 Faith building Daily Devotions to take children & families deeper in prayer.

21 Links to faith building videos that speak directly to prayer disciplines

21 Take Action Strategies


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