I have had some really crazy dreams. Some dreams were so real that when I awakened it was more like a memory than an empty dream. Those are napping dreams or dreams that occur while you sleep. While God can talk to us while we sleep, most of the time mine have been snippets of craziness. But the dream I want to stir up with you is a deliberate wide-awake dream.


I’m not referring to a jelly dream that is sweet to savor, but has no skeleton to sustain its development. Nor the empty kind that is fragile like an illusive bubble, but the solid kind that is carved out of preparation and purposeful activity. Dreams shape our lives and motivate us to activity. Wonderful dreams inspire, propel and mature us.


But Moses had a dream that was beyond wonderful, beyond reasoning, beyond his ability to make it happen. Moses had a dream like that. Honestly, it wasn’t his dream, it was God’s. Moses carried God’s dream in his heart for many years. I believe it had to have been a roller coaster ride. I believe sometimes he nurtured the dream and sometime it scarred him silly. It was bigger than Moses. It filled him with purpose and questions.


Have you found God’s dream for your life? God has one for you. It’s bigger than you. It will require partnership and faith to fulfill it. Partnership with God. Faith in God. Obedience. In my 4 CD set I talk about living a dream that’s bigger than you, dreaming and living God’s dream for your life.

You can purchase the Leading Like Moses 4 CD Set


There’s more in this series.

From the principals God taught Moses you will learn how to:

  • Find and fulfill God’s dream for your life.

  • Understand the process God uses to build leaders.

  • Develop your influence.

  • Develop stronger leadership skills.

  • Realize your dreams through building others.




Leading Like Moses


I’ve always been fascinated by the story of the Pied Piper. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all it took to get people to follow you is a musical pipe and some basic music skills. People are looking for a leader they can follow. Our society is looking for a dream they can buy-into! Where are the leaders in our church? Often I see people filling positions without the skills to lead. People can’t follow someone that isn’t leading. I’m convinced the lack of leadership skills in ministry is a major problem in all facets of ministry.


 Leadership is influence.

Leadership skills don’t come natural, they are developed.  You can develop the skills necessary for becoming an effective leader. Invest in yourself. Listen to good tapes and read great books. History is filled with amazing role models that blazed a trail for today’s leader. Moses is one of my personal favorites. I was asked to do a workshop on leadership and began studying Moses. As I began to study, it exploded in my spirit. Moses led 3 million Israelites across a burning desert to the Promised Land. Moses is the ultimate example of leadership.