Everyday I enjoy the luxury of electricity. I blow my hair dry, cook meals and vacuum the floors with the power of electricity. I don’t see electricity. I can’t feel electricity, but I know how to plug into electricity to accomplish my endless daily tasks.

Prayer is the vehicle God has provided for people to tap into the most powerful force on the face of this earth. Prayer is incredibly powerful, but there’s no need to shove safety covers in prayer outlets to protect children. Children need to experience prayer.


When Teaching Children to Pray


1.      God is not impressed with fancy words.

2.      Talk to God just like you would your best friend.

3.      Pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus.

4.      Remind them that God really hears them. Often children have more confidence that God hears the bad things they say, than that He would hear their sincere prayers.

5.      Encourage them to support their request with scripture.

6.      Pray in faith expecting an answer. We waste our time, if we do not pray in faith. Teach them to believe God for answers to their prayers.

7.      Encourage them to record their prayer victories in their prayer journal.