The King is Here

Hugh Latimer was an influential leader in the reformation; a very dangerous time to be trying to influence people that “we are saved by grace and not works.” Queen Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII and was known as “bloody Mary” for killing Christians. However, King Henry VIII actually killed more Christians than she did. Bishop Latimer understood the cost of his commitment and shares his personal thoughts at the beginning of one of his sermons in his role as the royal chaplain. ” Latimer, Latimer, thou art going to speak before the high and mighty king Henry VIII., who is able, if he think fit, to take thy life away. Be careful what thou sayest. But Latimer, Latimer, remember also thou art about to speak before the King of kings and Lord of lords. Take heed that thou dost not displease Him.”The King Is Here


How would your ministry be different if every time you prepared for a service, if every time you spoke or touched people, you reminded yourself “I am about to speak before the King of kings and Lord of lords and I must be careful that I don’t displease Him”?  Acessed July 20,2008

The Biblical  Treasury The Sunday School Union 1882

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