Courageous The Movie- Must See

Courageous the Movie

The movie “Courageous” opens in theaters today!

Courageous the Movie

Sherwood Church has a new movie coming out today. It is important that believers support this movie so I hope you’ll plan to go see it, especially this opening weekend. But let’s not limit our support to just observing, let’s get involved by praying first of all. I want to encourage you to pray that God will anoint it with His presence. That God will draw unbelievers and people struggling to attend. I am reminded that we have not because we don’t ask. So  let’s partner with Sherwood in a tangable way, let’s pray. Really pray. Invite someone to go with you. You might even want to pay someone’s way especially a young father or couple that might not other wise go.

I plan to get to the Early Bird showings today! I’ll save money and support the vision to impact the community with Christian values. My friends Suzanne & Charles go to the Sherwood Church and they loved it.

Sherwood Church has been very deliberate in their strategy to involve churches with creative suggestions and follow up ideas to help people get the most from this production. I hope you’ll visit their link:

Here is the trailer: