That’s Why They Call It A Dead End- Turn Around

That's why they call it a "Dead End".
When you realize you’ve made a wrong turn, then turn around and get back on the right road.
Easy enough, even for directionally challenged people like me! Simple enough…right?

But why don’t we have the same inclination in life when we reach a dead end?

When something doesn’t work out right, “Why do we scream in frustration?”
When we don’t get our way, why do we pout, at least internally?
Why does it seem so difficult for people to just turn around, so they can get back on the right road ?
That's why they call it a "Dead End".
Just in case I haven’t made myself clear. It’s time to grow up! Instead of throwing emotional temper tantrums when we don’t get our way with God or people…why don’t we just look for the best in the situation?
Why do we continue to beat the drink machine when it’s obvious nothing is coming out…not in this lifetime…not ever! It’s time to find a new drink machine and just get over it!

Dead Ends are just part of driving.

When we pay attention to the signs we avoid them. When we don’t, they will appear before us. Simple enough…but somehow we think we can ignore the roadsigns and somehow, because we are believers, we’ll never come to a dead end.

You know the kind of people I’m talking about.

They¬† eat what they want to eat, never exercise, load their salad with high calorie dressing and other condiments and then wonder why their one healthy choice didn’t pan out in weight loss for the week.
They’re adults but they want to let off a little steam and join the neighbors rivalry with the same gusto as unbelievers.
They’re too busy to pray or read the Bible and then they wonder why the kids are struggling with fear, school and respect.
They’re sick with worry, sick with fear, afraid to trust God, afraid to trust people and refuse to be accountable for destructive habits and life styles!
People that have willingly ignored the road sign that warned of an impending dead end still choose to blame everyone and everything except their poor choices for ending up at the end of their strength.

Am I venting?

No, but I’ve heard the angry, hopeless, frustrated screams from the dead end.
When I looked at the crowd jamming the Dead End, I recognized some of their faces, saw their Christian bumper stickers and realized the screams were coming from people that shouldn’t be there; people at the Dead End because of choices they made when, either knowingly or unknowingly, they choose to ignore the warning.
There they sat at the end of their strength, or the end of their hope, or the end of their faith…somehow forgetting how easy turning around…in Christianese that’s called repentance…can be.

OK, so you’re there!

You’re at the end of your wisdom,your strength and your grace. Turn around!

Are you surprised to see Jesus was waiting for you to turn?

Waiting to give you strength.
Waiting to give you hope.
Waiting to give you love.

There should be no doubt, since He is the God that pursues!

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