Your Feet Follow Your Eyes

feet that follow Jesus Christ

It’s a fact, that has caused lots of accidents…

your feet follow youyour feet follow your eyes!

I know you’ve done it too!

I’m not the only person that has veered out of my lane while driving, because I was looking at something on the side of the road. You simply follow your eyes!

feet that follow Jesus Christ

Pastor Kent Redfearn, from Muldoon Community Assembly in Anchorage, Alaska , was closing his message. He asked everyone to stand and then he began to share from his heart. He said, “Your feet follow your eyes.” He explained that if you try to walk one way and look another, you’ll stumble or bump into something. He exhorted us to keep our eyes on Jesus as revealed through Scriptures so we don’t stumble or go in the wrong direction.

I’ve rehearsed those words, “Your feet follow your eyes”, again and again.  Where am I looking? What am I following? I’ve asked myself this question, “Am I reading, watching or listening to anything that would get my eyes off Jesus?”

Keeping my eyes on Jesus or keeping Him the center of my focus has other benefits as well.

Here’s my list of Benefits:

1. Keeps me accountable

2. Reminds me to live life by God’s rules, not popular ones.

3. Measures my success by God’s measuring tape.

4. Drives me to take someone with me.

5. Energizes my life and reach.

6. Gives me hope.

7. Enables me to receive and give love.

8. Establishes solid foundational priorities.

9. Makes me dependent on Him.

 10. I left number 10 for you to fill in for me? Can you give me another reason that we need to live our lives with God in view?

One thought on “Your Feet Follow Your Eyes

  1. Charlie Brewer says:

    Blessings Pat and thank you for the Word. Number 10 for me…. I’ve seen what a mess I make of things when I am not focused on Jesus.

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