7 Reasons Every Believer Should Be Filled with Holy Spirit

Plug into 220 Christian living
Plug into 220 Christian livingWhen> I buy a product that comes with a power cord or a data card, I expect it to be in the box. If it’s not there, I take it back and exchange it for a box that has everything the manufacturer intended for the product to work as it was designed. I don’t scream at the computer when the battery dies. I realize that for the computer to work, I have to either plug into a power source or have an adequate charge on the internal battery. That’s how the product was designed to work properly.
Yet, far too many believers are not experiencing the victory God intended because they don’t have everything God intended us to have. They stop short, experiencing only the redemptive work of Christ. God sent Holy Spirit to live inside believers so we might experience His presence and power to help us live victorious lives.
1. Jesus instructed His disciples to receive Holy Spirit.
2. It is part of God’s end-time strategy for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as outlined in Joel 2:28
3. God’s love is produced in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
4. Holy Spirit guides us to truth and to know Jesus better.
5. Holy Spirit enables us to produce godly fruitfulness.
6. As believers dwell under the influence, we’ll have deeds under the influence. As we yield to precious Holy Spirit we will do the works of Jesus.
7. Holy Spirit gives us power to witness.