Should You Have a Personal Trainer?

Do you need a personal trainer?

Do you need a personal trainer?


A personal trainer! I’m not sure who is training whom in this picture! It looks as if the dog thinks he’s the trainer. Just look at that smile on his face.


Have you ever thought of hiring a personal trainer? One hour of watching “The Biggest Loser” leaves me with mixed feeling on the subject. Yet when you look at the results it is clearly obvious the difference a personal trainer can make in an individual’s physical success. Here are some of the benefits of a personal trainer:




Should you have a personal trainer?Do you need a personal trainer?

1. They design a personal fitness program to fit (no pun intended) you.

2. They work one on one with you.

3. They monitor your fitness progress.

4. They make sure you are using proper techniques, so you don’t get injured during workouts.

5. Here’s the clincher for me. They motivate and incite you to do more than you think you can.


The benefits of a personal trainer are exponential for anyone with a goal to get physically fit, but what about spiritually fit? Do we need a personal trainer for that? You better believe we do! That’s why the Father sent Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. He knew you would need a personal one-on-one helper that would instruct, guide and inspire you to be like Christ.


John 14:16 “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever ;” In the broader sense helper means summoned, called to one’s aid, assistant.


Holy Spirit teaches us. He helps us understand Scripture, understand how to live and what is right and wrong; strongly, yet gently, passionately yet soothingly. But His role as a personal trainer doesn’t stop with advice; He empowers you to do His will and His work.


Now, I realize it is important to choose the right personal trainer. Three questions come up.

1. Are they certified, qualified and experienced?

2. Do you feel this trainer is genuinely interested in helping you succeed?

3. Can you afford it?


You must answer questions one and two before you will allow Him to become your trainer. Only you can give Him that access in your life. Holy Spirit is not a silent partner or trainer. He wants to speak truth into your life—life giving truth!


The third question, I can answer for you. You can’t afford it! That’s right, I don’t care how much money you possess you don’t have the money or the prestige to purchase one minute of His wisdom! That’s why God is footing the bill. You can freely receive all God’s wisdom, help and life for one reason- He loves you! And that’s the truth- He loves you and wants you spiritually fit! So get with the program…allow precious Holy Spirit to become your personal trainer.


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