Still Praying Circles Around You

Kimberly was down the street from where I walk, buying a few groceries, and I wanted to get to see her. So, I ran. It was not a pretty site, all that fat flapping in the breeze. It sounded like my bike did when, as a kid, I clothes-pinned a baseball card in the spokes. Did you hear that sound on Racetrack Road this morning? It was me! I was huffing and puffing the whole two yards I ran…but I made it there just as she finished grocery shopping. She was fighting strep throat and I wanted to give her a quick, little hug.

We never loose that instinct to nurture, to protect, to kiss away the boo-boo. Band-aids have lost their healing powers by the time our little ones reach those teen years. They no longer crave a kiss on their bleeding knee or want to hear me say one more time, “I tell you what I think…”

Like a mama bird attacks a predatory bird twice its size, I still want to attack everything and everyone that tries to harm my family. Larger now, because it  includes grandchildren and Jason and Jenny.  Kimberly married a Jason so we have two Jasons in the family.  I’m sure you can image how confusing a conversation at my house can be.

I’m not necessarily talking about the people that attack them. I’m talking about any of the numerous strategies that Satan would bring to rob my children of their spiritual vitality and the Kingdom impact God has planned for them. These predators sit waiting like the vultures I see sitting on a garbage dumpster behind a restaurant along my walking route.

Still Praying Circles Around You
While my kisses and band aids have lost their power, I refuse to disengage my special weapon-PRAYER. I will pray! I will believe!  And I will trust! I will circle them with my prayers as long as I have breathe in my body.
So, I say to Kimberly and Jason and all the little birdies in my nest, that old bird that looks like a crow you see flying nearby is just me. With the years I’ve lost a few feathers…some are whiter now…but you’re mama’s praying for you cause I know, I absolutely know, God has an amazing plan for your lives. I’ll never stop being a mama and I’ll never stop praying for ya. And because of that, God will never stop working in your behalf- PRAYER WORKS!
And why do I post this personal message on my blog for my readers? Because I want to encourage you to never stop praying. Who is in your nest? Regardless of where your children are spiritually, financially, emtionally…keep praying. They never quit needing a praying mama or whatever they call you. They quit needing a meddling, bossy mama a long time ago…don’t you say anything  Kimberly or Jason. But regardless of their age they need a mama or a dad for that matter, that will draw a circle around there children and pray over their children.
Did you read Mark Batterson’s Book The Circle Maker? The power of that or any book is not in the reading, but the doing. Did it inspire you to pray differently? What did you glean from his book that inspired you to pray?

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