No Might to Fight

Kimberly made an interesting comment in my blog yesterday…”I know your prayers have helped me get back up when I wasn’t sure I had any fight left!” Her post actually fed a thought that was already rattling around inside my head.


hopelessEverywhere I turn I see people facing huge challenges and battles. Many of those faces reflect what I imagine young David must have seen when he approached the battlefield at Elah.


He was there to supply bread for his brothers and cheese to their commander. He came with youthful enthusiasm to root and cheer for his team-the Israelites.


But David laid down his pompoms when his expectations of what a battlefield was like was dosed with the reality of what it is. David saw men running …not in the direction he expected. They were running away from the battle. Frighten men. Trembling men, trying to hide. Hiding from a single adversary, whose voice shot arrows of terror into the hearts of the would be heroes. They were too far away to see the muscles of the giant antagonist’s neck bulge as he bellowed , “Send me a man.” But they felt the blow of intimidation with every syllable he spoke.


Nobody wanted to be that man—the man sent to face the giant, so they hid. They cowered. They trembled while their accuser blasted them day after day. They had no Might to Fight!”

That’s what I see in people’s faces and hear in their words. People seem to be looking for someone to fight their battle for them. And it simply doesn’t work that way. Maybe you’ve seen that same look or heard the resignation to defeat, come from the lips of tired warriors. Or maybe you’ve been there yourself, facing a battle without a clue what to do next.


But you must fight..there is a battle to be WON. Whether it’s a battle for your children or the nation, you must fight. Whether it’s a financial battle or a health battle or both. You cannot lay down or give up.


We all want victory, but victory is never automatic. I understand Jesus won the battle for us at Calvary. That victory should be our rally cry, not our excuse to be lazy. Remember the cross is our declaration of faith in the same sense that the Texans declared, “Remember the Alamo.” Remember, Calvary catapults us to take what is rightfully ours. It inspires us to stand our ground with the shield of faith and declare, “satan, you cannot have my kids. You cannot have my health. You will not steal my faith. I remember the price Jesus paid for my peace,you cannot have it without a fight. I resist you in the name of Jesus. Jesus you are my victory. You always causes me to triumph.” Victory doesn’t come without a fight.


In my next few blogs I want to talk about what we need to do to regain our might to fight. But before I can address the “how to get our Might to Fight back, let’s look at how we lost it in the first place. I think they fall under four maybe five categories. I’ll list them, then I’ll talk about them in the next few blogs, over the next few days.


Reasons we have No might to Fight.

· We loose our focus.

· We get discouraged. (That may actually be the same as loosing our focus, but I think it deserves special attention.)

· We compared ourselves or our situation to others.

· We get complacent.

· We feel hopeless.

Do you have some reasons to add to my five reasons? What have you seen that robbed people of their might to fight? Please share it in the comment section.


Think Missional! Pass this on to someone you think may enjoy it or need it.


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