Cause It’s His Birthday!


I asked my daughter again,

the same question I asked her last year
and I asked my son
and most of the people that really matter to me
and yes, it’s the same question every year…
“What do you want me to get you?”

When it comes to gift giving I never have a clue.

I don’t stay up-to date with the latest fashions, so clothing or jewelry is never on their list.
I have no idea what the newest games or trends in technology are, so they don’t expect me to surprise them in that arena either.

Just ask.

I’ve given enough disappointing gifts to know to just ask them what they want.


But as a believer,

in my most important relationship…
the person I love the most in the whole wide world…

He just can’t be left off my gift list.

I know there are things He loves

because He talks about them in His love letters to me!
OK, so the Bible isn’t written just to me, but you better believe I read it like it was written to me personally.
I still whisper, “What do you want me to give you?”

I whisper my question because

He is near me, not a distant acquaintance.

I ask because I value Him,

I love Him
and I want to give Him a gift that will bring Him great joy.
I ask because I’m celebrating His birthday
and the celebration isn’t complete without Him!
Wow! Is that ever an understatement!

Without Jesus, the celebration is…

Empty! Cavernously empty!
Busy work!

I must admit that the season gets so busy…

and sometimes I get my own ideas of how I want to fill the celebration…

Miles and miles of decorations.
Sugary sweets by the tons.
Ham and turkey and oysters!
Fried oysters, yum! One of my favorite Christmas traditions in the Batley family.

The celebration is about Jesus.

I come back to the reality that He always existed!
God has no beginning nor end! He always, always was.
Jesus Christ chose to be clothed with humanity and be born into this world and I celebrate His birth!

I celebrate His birth by loving Him and thanking Him and yes, even asking Him…
“What can I give you this year?”
“What can I do, or say that would bring you joy?”


That question is my life purpose.

Because I am continually discovering just how much Jesus loves me,
and that His plan for me was designed especially for me out of that love
I want to live my life, not just at Christmas, but everyday with one question,
“What can I give you today?”

That answer effects how I love others,

how I clean my house,

how I interact with people around me.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration!

And I’m gonna celebrate it passionately and fully because I’m in love with the Christ of Christmas! But I’m not going to lose sight of why I celebrate or Who I celebrate

because Christ puts the Merry in my Christmas!

And that’s just the best kind of Christmas!

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