Why Easter is NOT Over!

The Resurrection changed everything...let it change you.

Bright sunshine filled the morning. After days of dreary rain the sunshine was a welcomed friend! Springtime daffodils sat in clumps under the thickest boughs of dogwood I can remember seeing in years. Shorter redbuds covered in a profusion of vibrant fushia colored blooms stood in front of the glorious white dogwood like flower girls preceding a bride. Naked trees with the stubble of new green growth dotted the hillside, while taller, stately elders stood regally clothed in their spring green leaves. It was Easter and nature seemed to be ready for the celebration.


But I can’t help but wonder if my friend saw anything except his frail, emancipated sister this morning. The doctors say the cancer is back and has spread. What does Easter mean when your precious sister is dying?


A young mother awoke this morning to face Easter without her baby! Empty arms. Full heart. Full of pain. No, agony! Overwhelming grief. Questions? How do you face Easter with empty arms?


why easter is not over

Or the young pastor, in the middle of a divisive church war! Good men and women on both sides.




Deceived to their faults and the value of the people, precious people and opinions of those on the other side of the conflict. How does he push through the fog to grasp the truth that is the essence of Easter?


Or did my jobless friend see beyond the gloom to see anything besides his pink slip that isn’t pink. The palitible fear. The uncertainty. The dread of facing a new day, even if that day was Easter.


Or the lonesome, frail grandma pulling on the ironed suit that she had positioned on the bed the night before. Too sick to go to church, but too dejected to stay home. At her age, most of her friends were gone.

How do you face Easter

when your all alone?

in a hospital room?

at a graveside?

trying to stretch a dollar that you don’t even have?

How do you face all the hoopla of Easter when your heart is breaking?

When you don’t have answers?

When you are afraid…simply afraid?

That’s right…Easter is behind us

…another holiday checked off the calendar.

Does Easter matter beyond Sunday?

 Does the Resurrection change anything?


The women scarred from the cruel death they had witnessed, weren’t any different than you might have been under similar circumstances. Shrouded with confusion, bent with anguish and uncertainty; they simply plodded toward Jesus.


Or the disciples? Were they sitting in a dark room with the shutters closed? Doors locked? Depressed? Angry? Processing grief? Questions?


Why did He have to die?

Was He the Messiah?
Popular opinion labeled Him as a liar.

A devil.

He called Himself the son of God.

In the midst of their pain…they searched…and found Jesus!


But Easter is over!

Why am I repeating old news?

Because your pain isn’t old news.

Because death isn’t old news.

Because Jesus is still the answer in a broken, hurting world.

Jesus didn’t die for you to eat a boiled egg on Sunday and go back to your pain on Monday!


The reality of  Easter is Jesus is alive. He suffered and died to give NEW LIFE!

in a broken world.
in a hurting world.
in a world of turmoil.

Their pain did not prevent them from looking for Jesus.

Has yours stopped you?

Their pain didn’t become prison bars of unbelief.

Has yours?

The Resurrection changed everything…let it change you. 

The Resurrection changed everything...let it change you.