I believe______ How you fill-in the blank determines where you will go.

I believe….
OK…I’m waiting…
and just what is it that you believe?
Of course we believe…everyone believes something. 
What we believe determines our trajectory and destination. 
The wrong belief will never get you to the right destination, but right beliefs when acted on will take you there.
Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” has hit a nerve! Since the official music video was published on youtube on July 13, 2018 it has received 118,488,809 views. 
In an article dated 9/25/19 by Jim Asker it says,  “Say” led Christian Airplay for 17 weeks starting in September 2018 and crossed over for a two-week command on Adult Contemporary, where it spends its 20th week in the top three. (https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/8530971/lauren-daigle-you-say-61st-week-no-1-hot-christian-songs)
You know the song, maybe you have played it as many times as I have, can I  share what I hear?
I feel like she hears the same intimidation that I hear sometimes. But instead of believing the voice of intimidation she chooses to believe the voice of the person that loves her in spite of what everyone else feels, believes and says about her, she believes what God says. She believes. She believes God. 
And it is reflected by her choices, in her confident demeanor and in her grace under fire.

Who do you believe?

Yes, I’m asking you, who do you believe?
The conflict comes when we believe the lie and don’t believe the truth. How do you know if what is truth and what is a lie? If the words contradict Scripture then they are lies, regardless of who says them…even if that who is you. Especially if that who is you.
Lies become powerful (powerfully destructive )when we believe them. Do you believe what God says or do you believe what 
the devil 
or your culture says 
about you, 
to you, 
over you?

Do you believe the lies of hell? Or 

do you believe the truth of Scripture even when it’s 
not convenient, 
practical or 
Do you believe enough to
…stand fast?
…declare it in the face of hatred?
There will always be doubters, we just need to be careful that we are not one of them. There is a verse that talks about doubters that has troubled me and surprised me…do you ever have  one of those verses?
Let me set up the context. Jesus has been walking among the people after His resurrection
for somewhere around 40 days. Matthew 28:16 says “Meanwhile, the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain Jesus had designated.” 
OK! Are you ready for this verse? They saw Jesus die. They saw his dead body with their own eyes. Now Jesus is alive and has called a meeting with them. 
Here it goes…verse 17 “When they saw Him, they worshiped Him, but some doubted.” What?
Matthew 28:14 repeats it and expands it.
Jesus was about to give them the great commission, but before He did that He had to deal with their unbelief.
Oh Lord, deal with our unbelief.

Belief is a choice.

We believe because we know Him, but even then doubt is pounding on the door of mind…on the door of our heart.
We choose what we believe when we tell fear to go.
We choose what we believe when we declare life in dead places.
We choose what we believe when we love people that hate us.
We choose what we believe when we simply choose to trust God’s promise.
Matthew 28:17 NIV When they saw Him, they worshiped Him,–

but some doubted.

Oh Father, help us submit everything we believe to the divine council of Scripture.