Just Because It’s Funny

I love to laugh and I hope you'll laugh with me.

Is confession really good for the soul?

Well, I’m about to find out.


I love to laugh and I hope you'll laugh with me.I bribe myself to workout in the mornings before breakfast… I wish it was with a Krispy Kreme Donut, but that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it?

So instead I read the blogs I follow using Feedly. (Do you use that App? It is awesome! Instead of visting the site, you sign up for a follow and Feedly pulls the blog in automatically. All the blogs you want to read in one spot! Sweet! Huh!) It’s such a decantant luxury. I mean the reading is the luxury, not the exercising.

This morning I read an awesome article by Lysa TerKeurst Replacing My Cravings. It was great. (I hope you’ll check it out! If you want to eat better in 2014 this is a post you need to read.)

I want to express my appreciation better from now on.

So I’ve decided that when I read something that blesses me to leave a comment. (Hint. Hint!) Great idea? Absolutely!

So I did and then I submitted it.

I was in a hurry because I wanted to read as much as I could, but when I glanced back over my comment, I saw that I hadn’t written what I thought I had.  Actually, my auto corrector on my IPad thinks it is smarter than me, which sometimes it is, but to my chagrin wrote something entirely different.  And I’ll share it just because I think you’ll grin.

“Thank you, for this article. I crave sugar! I eat healthy, except when it comes to sugar!”

Wasn’t that nice, but here’s where I really blew it!”

“I try to ask myself does this food nourish my bottom? But when it comes to sugar, I don’t even ask, I just indulge. It’s the one habit I just haven’t been able to overcome, but I have a new action, a new strategy to take into my New Year, when the craving shows up, I’ll pray. Great idea!”

I COULDN’T believe what I had just said, “nourish my bottom”? What? I tried to take it back. I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I sent another comment.

“So sorry, I meant to say body! Honest I did! LOL But I guess we all know there is where all the sugar lands. I’m so sorry!”

Then I saw I could put a reply right in the box where I had sent the comment, so I tried again.

“OH, My! I meant to say body…honest I did. I am so sorry!”

I can’t believe I did it!

But it’s good for a laugh.  And I hope you laughed. You know I’ve decided I think that’s one of the reasons God put me on this earth is to make people laugh. I sure do dumb things sometime.

If you’ve been around me long you know I’m a genius! That’s right, a genius, cause nobody, nobody could be that dumb!

Blessings! I hope you had a good laugh and that you’ll have a good day!

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