My Stuff is Screaming at Me- Work


My stacks are calling me.

My cluttered closet is screaming, so I shut the door and look in the other direction. We want to totally finish the cabin. Wayne’s here to work and I’m here to hear. Study. Pray. Get ready for upcoming meetings.
But the wood pile screams about picture frames and rustic shelves that I long to create. The leftover slices of smooth, beautiful cherry beg to be cut and nailed into seats and tables. The table tops plead for me to dust them, polish them til they gleam.
My spirit calls too, but the pleads of dusty furniture, cluttered closets and artistic creations begging to be born are louder…much louder. Did I mention the underbrush that needs to be cleared at the foot of the mountain or the calls I need to return or the….
Your list is different, but just as loud and just as demanding.

Why is it work screams  and rest whispers?

….oh yeah. That’s how it works.

I am a creative person.

I love order…but not too much…more like”organized chaos”.  I love to be productive.
 It’s part of who I am
…serving others

I love the sense of accomplishment.

So I pile my plate too full of
one days…and some days

And they talk to me…really loud!

But I can’t allow the loud to dictate my life.

I am more than what I do…more than work…or changing diapers or keeping a clean house.

Take Care of Yourself

We know we should care for our body by eating nourishing foods. If you are like me, sometimes we eat too much of the wrong thing and too little of the right thing. But we know better.
We understand how to nourish our mind with positive thoughts, thought provoking conversation and great books.
But what about your spirit? It needs to be fed too. It’s as real as your body. Does that sound weird? It really shouldn’t, because it’s true.

The voice of your spirit isn’t as loud as the voice of  your emotions.

And it will become totally silent if you ignore it. It doesn’t torment you with hunger pains…begging to be fed. Yet it can be malnourished and fragile. So learn to pay attention to your spirit.
Spiritual malnourishment is even worse than physical malnourishment…it’s symptoms are simply diagnosed inaccurately. Let me point out a few diagnoses I’ve heard people use that can (not always, but can) have their root in spiritual malnourishment.
I lose my temper because I am and we name a race that is known for it’s anger. Honestly, I think I’ve heard every race used as an excuse for anger.
I’m fearful because my mother was afraid of everything.
It’s not my fault people don’t like me, or I can’t keep a job, or I don’t have friends.
Label our pride as self-confidence as we look down our noses in contempt at people with physical, emotional or financial difficulties.
 Or blaming their shame on the church or their addictions on culture, curiosity, peer-pressure.
Phillip Yancey says, “God, who made space in the most literal sense in the universe, needs us to protect a God-space, to prevent our lives from filling up with other things” (Yancey, Philip. 2006. Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House. p.286)
And to that can I add, “We need to protect a God-space,” to prevent a moral cave-in or collapse.
So I intentionally protect that “God-space” by feeding my spirit with God’s Word and prayer. I strategically pray in the morning before I start my day. The time will vary, but I protect that first part of my day to spend with God. It is a spiritual disciple that keeps me going where I want to go. Like a train track.

No. It’s not legalistic or religious.

It’s strategic.
It’s not a guilt trip.
It’s not something I have to do, it’s something I desperately need and love.
I do it for me.
And I’ve learned to listen to precious Holy Spirit guiding my prayers for specific people, places or organizations.

And I use prayer triggers.

These prayer triggers are my “Call to Pray.”
Let me explain.
When I see a school bus I pray for the bus driver and the students on the bus.
When I see a flag, I pray for America.
When I see a coin on the ground… (Yes, I pick it up!) And I pray for my finances or someone else’s Or I pray that once again American’s will put their trust in God.
When I hear an emergency vehicle, I pray for the people that are experiencing an emergency.
When I’m traveling I pray for truck drivers and their families.

What are some prayer triggers you use? Share them with us, PLEASE!

And I seize moments here and there.

When I’m vacuuming,
running errands,
exercising or
working on household chores.

Don’t misunderstand me,

Sometimes I over sleep and have to leave without my prayer time, but I can pray as I go.
And sometimes, the screams of stacks and piles are so loud, that I have to put them out of their misery….but I don’t let it happen often.
And the next day, I’m back at it. Loving on Jesus and receiving His love!
Wow! what a way to live!
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