Pack Light

Pack Light Alaska-nature-cruise

Wayne and I love to travel. We have been to some glorious places. We accomplished our goal to see all 50 states in 2011. Mono Lake, California was my favorite place, but I also loved the Sequoia’s and Yosemite. Then there was the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, Mt. McKinley in Alaska, the London Bridge in Arizona, Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts,  and the moose in New Hampshire. We don’t go for the touristy places, we want to explore nature, old landmarks, the capital buildings or museums.  I love meeting people and hearing their stories. But basically, I just love to “go”.

My grandmother loved to go places.I get my love for traveling honest.
My grandmother loved to “go” too.  I remember so clearly, my mother would ask Mama ( that’s what we called our grandmother) “Wanna go home with me?”
Almost, every time, she would say “let me change my apron.”
She’d find a fresh apron, lay some clean underwear inside her apron, roll it into a tight roll and tuck it under her arm.
She’d return to the living room with it tucked under her arm and a smile on her face and say “I’m ready”.
That woman should have won a medal for “lightest luggage” or something. That has to have been some kinda record. Maybe we could call her medal, “Ready to Go!” What da ya think?
I’m not recommending you travel THAT light, but with the fees airlines are charging these days for luggage we are all packing lighter. I have three suggestions to help you pack lighter.

Pack for where you’re going. Not where you are.

Want to achieve your dreams?

                How does a Florida girl pack for Alaska? She doesn’t pack shorts and sleeveless shirts, that’s for sure. I wanted to have clothes that would be warm enough and appropriate for where I was going. It didn’t matter that I was from Florida; I needed clothing that was appropriate for Alaska. So I called a friend that had just returned from Alaska. He knew exactly what I should and should not pack. But then on the other hand ,he didn’t know how cold natured I am either!
When you love to travel you learn to pack light. Life is like that. If you don’t learn to travel light, learn to detox the soul with repentance and forgiveness you be too exhausted from getting there to enjoy your destination.

     1. You gotta know where you’re going.

What do you want to accomplish with your life or ministry?
What is your goal?
What is God’s goal for your life?
What is your passion?

     2. Unpack your past.

This is a tough one. It will require repentance, forgiveness and faith.
Unpack fear, pain, offenses and prejudices.
Unpack jealousy, the dirty clothes, the scraps of paper and junk that litter the bottom of your suitcase from your last trip.

     3. Know what you need.

This one will take persistence.
What skill sets will you need for where you’re going?
If you want to write, take a course in writing.
Start sharpening your skill sets and your knowledge base for where you are going.
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