Summer’s BFF

If you live in the South, you know that Summer’s BFF is none other than the amazing, wonderful, awesome…not enough adjectives to describe it—the lowly, but vital–air conditioner. It’s cool wind is so refreshing. And this Summer, you didn’t have to live in the South for your BFF to be an air conditioner.


It was necessary and timely. It was both exciting and exhausting—I’m referring to the renovation that the church had launched. One of the major costs included in the renovation was replacing the old air conditioner. The pastor noticed that the air conditioning contractor was spending an excessive amount of time studying a set of blueprints. Finally, his curiosity overwhelmed his busyness, so he asked, “What are you doing?”


“I’m making sure your building is healthy.” the contractor explained and then continued. “I’m checking the blueprint to be sure that the air flows correctly into every room. Proper duct work is essential or your building will not be healthy. The air flow and returns must be right or you’ll have a mold problem.


Pastor Bob Arthurs, gave this illustration and then explained to his congregation, “The Holy Spirit makes us spiritually healthy.”


I love that picture. It is so accurate. When we give the Holy Spirit access in our lives He makes us spiritually healthy.

One of the pictures the Bible gives us of precious Holy Spirit is the wind. Wind is moving air. An air conditioner removes the hot air, cools it and sends it back through the house via the duct work. Let’s look closer at the air conditioner, Summer’s BFF.

1. You must have an air conditioner. This summer heat has been brutal. I’m so thankful for my air conditioner.

And I gotta tell you, life can be brutal unless you have precious Holy Spirit to help you keep cool, peaceful and confident in God, during the tough times. Is the Wind of the Holy Spirit flowing into your life? We need Him. Holy Spirit should be every believer’s BFF. He helps us understand the Bible. He helps us know Jesus. He convicts, convinces and strengthens us. He is God’s agent in the earth today. You need Him as your partner.


2. We must put in place or prepare the ductwork or a channel for the conditioned air to flow through.

We can miss what God has for us unless we prepare our hearts and open ourselves to what God has for us. Sometimes, we don’t know it’s necessary. Sometimes, our sin causes us to no longer desire His presence or our schedule or the demands of life pile so high we don’t pursue a relationship with God. Do you desire His presence in your life? If not ask God to change your heart. Allow the refreshing wind of His Spirit to blow in your life.


3. An air conditioning system pulls the hot, stale air into the system and then blows cool refreshing air out.

Believers should breathe in His goodness and exhale worship.  Scripture tells us that He inhabits the praises of His people. Worship Him because He is worthy of your worship. Worship Him because He created this universe with His Words, because He is Almighty God.


4. Keep the vents open. If you close the vent, the air will not flow into that room. That room will be hot, stuffy and can grow mold.
Continue to worship. Often it will start off with giving thanks, but it should continue as you express your heartfelt love for God. Worship God often. Worship with your words, your actions and your thoughts.


5. Keep the filter clean. A house can be a dusty place and a filter prevents dirt from clogging and breaking the air conditioner.

Your worship will take you into the manifest presence of God. You will experience His glory as you pour out your heartfelt offering of worship. In His presence you will see things in your life that shouldn’t be there, when that happens, repent. Get rid of the things that are not pleasing to Him. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t wrong to someone else, repent, immediately and sincerely. Strip away everything that does not please God.