YOU SHOULD NEVER…EVER! And you’ll laugh too.

make your people always want to obey you. See to it that their love for you never changes.

There are some things that just should never happen–NEVER!

And Diane Daniel, my laughing friend, brings a few of them into focus for us as only Diane can do.

1. You should never take your cat to a dog show…
2. You should never wear a t-shirt with the words “Worlds #1 Terrorist” to the airport…
3. You should never call in sick, and then text your co-worker to go to lunch…
4. You should never call your Son’s girlfriend by his ex-girlfriend’s name…
5. You should never eat a Baby Ruth bar in a public pool…
6. When robbing a convenience store, you should never scribble the demand note on the back of your checkbook deposit slip …
7. You should never stomp an ant hill with your bare feet…
8. You should never put your motor home on cruise control and then leave the driver’s seat… (this is my favorite)
9. You should never flush the toilet with your foot with flip-flops on…
10. You should never text your Pastor and husband at the same time…

Every item on Diane’s list has serious and obvious consequences.

And I would be curious as to how many of them Diane learned from personal experience. However, my one suggestion doesn’t give us a glaring and laughable picture of the obvious consequences. The truth is we may not experience the consequences for an extended period of time. And even when we do feel the consequences, we may attribute them to a different source entirely, so the real problem goes untreated and unresolved.

My Only Suggestion

Never, ever stop loving Jesus.

Jesus said it would happen

Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold. Matthew 24:12 NIV

David prayed that it would not happen

“O LORD, the God of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, make your people always want to obey you. See to it that their love for you never changes.  1 Chronicles 29:18 NLT

make your people always want to obey you. See to it that their love for you never changes.

Mary recognized the one essential thing was sitting at the feet of Jesus.

(IF you missed my post on Mary you can click here to read it.)

Mary found the key to staying in love.

  • Knowing Jesus.
  • Communicating with Jesus (We call it prayer).
  • Talking.
  • Listening.
  • Giving expression to her love.
  • That’s the key to staying in love in all relationships.

As long as we realize,  like Mary did, that the feet of Jesus is a place

to learn,

to heal

and to worship,

we will keep loving Jesus.

Maude Daniel, a mighty woman of God, closed every letter she wrote with, “Keep Loving Jesus!” I thank her for the reminder to keep the main thing, the main thing! Now that’s a lot easier said than done!

But it should be the greatest cry of every believer’s heart,

Lord, help me to love you more.

Help me love you more than I love being comfortable,

more than I love things,

or people

or even food!(OHHHHH, I LOVE TO EAT!)

Help me love you enough to obey,

to serve

to give,

because I was made to love you!


And what does this have to do with prayer?

The most powerful prayer begins with a heart that loves Jesus.

Maybe that’s a scary thought for you, because you know there are so many things that you want to love all at the same time and Jesus doesn’t hold that # 1 place in your heart.

Then that’s all the more reason for you to come close,

linger long and discover Jesus,

the greatest lover

with the greatest love you’ll ever experience!

When you experience it,

you’ll understand what took Mary to the feet of Jesus

and you’ll join her there.


For all my southern friends, it’s getting warmer weather so don’t forget… You should never flush the toilet with your foot with flip-flops on… especially in one of those nasty service station bathrooms…what a mental picture to close a post! Keep laughing….and loving Jesus.


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