I realize that helping children love church is a major goal for all of us working in children’s ministry!


But how do we do it? How do we develop a children’s church children love?

The answer is…

1. Do things children enjoy in your children’s church. Your children’s church should be child centered.

2. Make every child feel special and loved from the minute that child enters the door until they go home. if you do those two things children will love children’s church.

Giving an answer to the question is simple,

but having a children church children love takes commitment and creativity.

 How to Have a childrens church kids love

It is much easier to do things in children’s church that fit your personal tastes and your learning styles instead of discovering what children like. Children’s church is not for you. It is for the children.

Your children church should be high energy and fun. Use fun music. Vary the pacing. Use lots of variety. Have more than one person involved in your children’s church program. Our curriculum can help you save tons of time by providing lots of fun ways to teach eternal truths packed into every lesson. We have 5 different children’s church units ready to be used in your church. You can see a description of each title at the bottom of this page or click on a title below. They include:

Winning Over Sin;
Christian Armor;
Life of Paul ;
Ten Commandments

Children like to laugh.

Use puppets, clowns and short sketches to provide humor. Use black light visuals and black light puppets to really wow the kids. Use lots of variety. Keep your program moving. Use lots of creativity.

Involve the children in your children’s church. Use the children to welcome visitors that come to your children’s church. Children can do sound effects for stories; put flannel graph figures on the board as you use them; help with magic tricks and sing or play special music for your children’s church.

Observe the children during your children church.

What holds their attention? What do they enjoy? Children will readily let you know what they love, if you care enough to ask.

Staff your children ministry with people who love children

and know how to show that love appropriately. Train the ushers to greet the children as well as the parents. Your face and the staff’s faces should light up when the child enters the room. Find time to chat with the child one on one either through greeting at the door, small group time or game time. Children need to feel important and not just part of a large group. This kind of attention requires staff to be caring and trained. We can help you recruit and train volunteers with our DVD or CD Recruit Volunteers for Children’s Ministry. Click on the title to learn more or to order this teaching.

Try our Children Ministry curriculum when

you are looking for a curriculum that goes beyond fun to teach strong biblical principals and communicate values that when acted upon will develop strong character. Each lesson in our curriculum is thematically designed to emphasis one theme per week using a variety of teaching methods to create a fun learning atmosphere while impacting the children spiritually. Each lesson includes puppet/drama skits, stories, object lessons, activity reinforcements, memory verse and Bible reading incentives. Our Children’s Ministry Curriculum is written by a children’s pastor with a passion to Make the Bible Come Alive in children’s hearts.