A Super Star…

gets the limelight and all the perks and benefits that go with it!

But what about your team?

Does a team player need to shine in the limelight to be valued…to feel valued? Do they have to be a super star to feel like one?

Hidden Things

Do you realize that many of the things that make such a difference in your life are hidden things.

The foundation of your house. The 2X4’s in the walls that support the weight of the roof and ceiling!

The cook that seasons your food and cooks it over a hot stove. You see the waitress, but seldom the cook.

The farmer that prepares the ground, plants the seed, fertilizes it and then harvests the crops that nourish your body.

I never think about the 2X4’s when I’m enjoying the color of the room and the delightful pictures on the wall that make my home feel beautiful! Without those 2X4’s I couldn’t have a beautiful, safe home.

In your city there are hundreds and thousands of people doing jobs we never think about, jobs we take for granite, because “Out of Sight…Out of Mind” is a truism.

Does it exist at your church?

Does the “Out of Sight…Out of Mind” mindset plague your church? No doubt it is ¬†truism that exists in many churches! Any ministry that is isn’t readily visible can become invisible, if we aren’t careful to keep the vision and purpose of the ministry visible. Children’s ministry is one of those “out of sight” ministries.

“Out of sight…out of mind” is an epidemic in children’s ministry!

An epidemic that results in worker burnout, high resignation response and low moral.

Everyone thrives in the sunlight and warmth of sincere appreciation.

As a leader, it’s your role to create that “I am important” atmosphere.

You have the power to make every member of your team feel like a super star! So what’s stopping you from weilding that power?

Besides being busy, my excuse has included “I don’t know where to start!”

…So here’s some suggestions.

Care genuinely!

Appreciation can be faked, but it generally surfaces as a self-serving agenda. Which by the way, is almost always the death toll in ministry.

Ask God to search your heart. If when you search your heart, you discoverer you don’t genuinely care about the 2X4’s of your ministry, then repent. Immediately start acting differently. Actions, not intentions bring results.

Express your gratitude.

Do life with them. See people, not necessarily worker bees.Get to know them on a deeper level.

Say thank you in specific ways. When you praise everyone, you praise no-one. Look them in the eye. Smile as you talk. Tell them exactly what they did and why you appreciate it.

Write thank you notes.

Say it with little gifts- a book; a gift card; cookies, sweet treats mounted on a thank-you card. (Steve Greer has 150 ideas that fit that category.)

Say it with thoughtful gestures.

Say it with kindness, listening and concern.

Celebrate accomplishments, year end, promotions or just because with a meal and inspiring guest speaker.

Set them up for success with training, resources and support.

Share victories with them, so they can see they are making a difference.

Play games together.