the book

Ways to use the book “Precious Holy Spirit”

  • Small group Bible studies.
  • Focused church wide inter-generational campaign.
  • Sunday School class for new believers.
  • Sunday School class to stir up “old” believers.
  • Disciple and invest in new believers by giving them the book “Precious Holy Spirit”.
  • Invest in your staff or ministry team by giving them the book “Precious Holy Spirit”.
  • Holy Spirit emphasis for Wednesday night study.
  • Because it is packed with illustrations it can be used for children, youth or adult studies.
  • Family devotions. Parents encourage their children to brush their teeth, should they be encouraging their children to live spirit-filled lives?
  • Staff retreat and refill. Get away with your staff to know and experience Holy Spirit.

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7 Benefits of Spirit Filled Living


1. Holy Spirit enables you to obey and follow God’s laws and instructions. (Ezekiel 36:27) Chapter 1 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” uncovers the mystery of Pentecost by establishing the historical events of both Old and New Testament occurrences.

2. His presence brings you abundant life that overflows. (John 7:38,39) Chapter 2 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” shows the significance of His presence and how it brings life to the believer like water does to a desert.

3. God’s Gift enriches and blesses every area of your life. (Romans 14:17) Chapter 3 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” illustrates that every believer can receive God’s life empowering presence.

4. Holy Spirit helps you pray more effectively. (Romans 8:26)  Pneuma, the wind or life giving breath, covered in chapter 4 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit”, helps believers understand Holy Spirit’s role as their prayer partner.

5. Holy Spirit helps you to love more deeply. (Romans 5:5) Chapter 5 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” emphasizes how Spirit filled living can ignite spiritual passion to love God and people.

6. Holy Spirit anointing enables believers to do the works of Jesus. (John 14:12) Chapter 6 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” encourages believers to allow Holy Spirit anointing to flow through them so they can fulfill their life purpose.

7. Holy Spirit empowers believers to be His effective witnesses. (Acts 1:8) Chapter 7 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” reminds believers to plug into God’s power to be agents of change in a dark world

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