Want Change?
Think God’s Way

“It’s not what happens to you,

but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus.


Why should you think different? 

Because you matter.

Your thoughts shape your character and your life journey.
You are too important not to train your thinking!

Your thoughts affect your mental health.

What you think about can defeat you. Just ask an athlete.

But the right thoughts can energize you.

Right thoughts make your life better.

There are things you’ll never accomplish unless you think differently.


Poisonous thoughts can make you bitter, angry and critical.

Destructive thoughts can poison or destroy your relationships.

Healthy thoughts inspired by truth and God’s Word can fill you with joy.

Healthy thoughts can inspire and undergird confidence.

The right mental attitude can strengthen you through difficult seasons and situations.

I want to share with you what God’s Word
says about your thoughts.

Think God’s Way
for a Change!

21 Day Challenge

Week 1

YOUR thoughts are important,

so treat them like they are!

Week 2

Jesus can help you
Think Different


Week 3

Deal With the Garbage


21 Day Challenge

Think God’s Way
For a Change

God’s Word is powerful

Let it transform the way you think.

Join the transformation

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