Ten Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving.

Ten Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving.

Ten Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving.

The chances are great that there will be many cooks making their very first Thanksgiving meal this year. I’ve written this blog because I want to help both them and you avoid some cooking blunders that could ruin your Thanksgiving. I must admit, my only claim to fame is “Making the Smoke Alarm Go Off the Most Times in One Year”. And maybe I should tell you that when my children were little, they always ended their blessing with the words, “…and please God, make it good” And while my only qualification for blogging about food is that I like to eat, I still want to share my “Ten Warnings to Save Your Thanksgiving.” Please pay very careful attention to each of them.


Ten Laugh Out Loud Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving

by Yours Truly- The Smoke Alarm Queen


1. Do defrost your turkey before you pop it in the oven and no, it will not defrost in 30 minutes.

2. Spaghetti O’s is not a vegetable and it does not go with turkey.

3. Dressing the turkey does not require a visit to your favorite clothing store.

4. Forget your Cracker Jack days: Do not leave that little bag inside the turkey. It is not the prize.

5. Do not set the table with personalized barf bags.

6. Do not carve the turkey with a chainsaw, even if it is still a little frozen.

7. Do not fry the turkey inside the house.

8. Do not put the antacid on the table. But be sure you have some on hand.

9. If guest will be spending the afternoon, do not serve beans or sweet potatoes.

10. Do not leave the dog to guard the food while you greet your guests at the door. When someone calls them guard dogs, they are not referring to food.


Can I add one more?

Can I make that, Eleven Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving?”  This one is more important than all the rest–“Don’t make Thanksgiving all about the food. OK, maybe that’s what you would expect from someone that is the Smoke Alarm Queen. If your day is only about food, you may feel full and filled, but your day will fall short of FULL FILLING its purpose. Make Thanksgiving about giving thanks.  Express your gratefulness to God.


When you do, everything tastes better. I like that thought—maybe there’s hope for my cooking after all! Blessings on you and your cooking this Thanksgiving!

Ten Warnings That Could Save Your Thanksgiving.Brayden, my little Jedidah is my kinda cook!

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