Jesus Forever Changed the Meaning of the Cross

Why would anyone wear a cross around their neck?

I’m sure you know what happened on a cross! It once was a place where people were crucified; and it is a slow, agonizing, HORRIBLE way to die! How does a cross of gold or silver, even when it is bedazzled with scrolling or diamonds, make it around our necks? Did we forget all that bad stuff about what a cross was used for when we wear a cross? Maybe some folks don’t think anything at all when they put a cross around their neck. But we should! Because that cross means something!

I wear a cross around my neck because,

Jesus changed what the cross means.


Before Jesus it meant death. But when Jesus hung on that cross and died, he changed what the cross would symbolize forever.

His death brought life—abundant life. For everyone that receives that life and believes on Jesus, it is a place of victory. To us, the cross is a story of redemption. While believers acknowledge the pain and sacrifice of the cross, Jesus’ death transformed the cross into our victory insignia.

The cross became a place of redemption.

Redemption has a special meaning for me.

When I was a young bride, (yes, that was a long time ago, but stay with me.) many gas stations and grocery stores gave out “Green Stamps.” I saved every single stamp. They had to be licked or moistened (Yes, we licked the stamps until our tongue got dry.) and pasted them into special Green Stamp books. As the books of green stamps slowly, very slowly, accumulated, I dreamed. I poured over every page of the Green Stamp catalog trying to pick out how I would spend my Green Stamps. After several years of saving, I had enough stamps to go to the redemption center and trade my Green Stamps for something I really wanted. It was exciting to empty my Green Stamp drawer and head off with Wayne to get my prize; because he helped me pick it out. It was a big day to finally spend my Green Stamps!

I redeemed those Green Stamps when I surrendered my stamps to the sales clerk and she gave me what I wanted.

Because Jesus paid the penalty or the price for our sins, we can surrender our sin, our shame, our brokenness, our inadequacies,  and even our pain at the cross for His marvelous Gift.

He redeems our

  • sin and exchanges them for His righteousness.
  • poverty and exchanges it for His provision.
  • fear and exchanges it for His peace.

It’s important for us to grasp that truth!


“God took the very worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe—deicide, or the death of God on the cross—and turned it into the very best thing that has happened in history of universe: the opening up of heaven to all who follow him.” If God can take the very worst circumstance imaginable and turn it into the very best situation possible, can he not take the negative circumstances of your life and create something good from them? (Lee Strobel Why does God allow Tragedy and Suffering)

God can only redeem what you surrender to Him.

Have you surrendered your:

  • sin
  • fear
  • pain.

If you hide it, clutch it, bury it, it will remain your pain-

you have to carry it.

God has a better plan for you.

He purchased your salvation which includes redemption and healing.

Unchain from your pain!

No matter where it came from or how it happened. No matter how long ago it was. Or even if you can’t name your pain.

Take your pain to the cross- surrender it.

And you can do that right now, wherever you are. Here’s what a path of surrender looks like. Surrender your pain. Your act of surrender is more than saying words. It means you open your heart to God.

If your pain is rooted in sin, then repent. Receive God’s Truth about this situation.

Invite Precious Holy Spirit to heal the place in your heart where that pain was and fill you will His joy and peace. I realize this may sound too simple, but if it does you are overlooking the power of redemption.  


Here’s another link I want to share with you on redemption. The Divine Exchange


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2 thoughts on “Jesus Forever Changed the Meaning of the Cross

  1. Opal says:

    Pat I love reading your posts. To give our pain, our hurts, our sins means we give, we leave it with God. It’s easy but its hard at the same time we tend to pick them back up but we have to remember God is with us always and always ready to take what we give him. God has been so good to me and very patient. Be blessed Sister Pat, love you.

  2. Pat Holland says:

    Thank you so much dear Opal! You are so right! So right! It is much easier to say words, than it is to totally surrender our will, our feelings at the cross. I love you! And God bless you!

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