More Thinkful! (No, It’s not a Typo)

Thinkful? It’s not a typo. While it’s not actually a word, it’s something we desperately need to do.

Let me explain.

So much of our thinking is distracted.

  • Noise.
  • Weariness.
  • Busyness.
  • Worry.
  • So many voices clamoring for our attention.


We simply don’t take the time to notice or think about the wonderful things that enrich our lives.


Do you think of yourself as a thankful person?

But are you really?

How often do you say thank you to your children, to your mate, your pastor or most important- to God?

I’m not talking about the perfunctory or courteous “Thank you!”

I’m talking about a thank you that comes from a deeper place—a meaningful, thoughtful “thank you.”


Do you think full or empty?

Why is it we have the tendency to think about things that drain us emotionally, but fail to think about things that enrich and encourage us?


Why do we think about the person that ignored us and not the radiant smile of the person that was genuinely glad to see us?


Why do we think about the grumpy sales clerk instead of the warm friendly one?

Or why do we fail to deliberately and strategically think about our blessings at all? Reflecting on your blessings is full thinking, because they fill your mind with joy.


When we fail to think about our blessings, we miss the joy, the fullness that comes from savoring them.

But thinking full is just the first step. When we open our heart to express our gratitude it enriches our lives beyond words.


Running errands this week.

I looked at the layers of green in the trees. Splashes of dark and light shades of green oak trees resplendent with gray, moss streamers standing on the banks of a blue sky reflecting river. I was filled with awe at a God that creates so many colors of green. I responded with joy and thanksgiving. Not a time of the year thing, just a thinkful time of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I am thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

It’s a day that we gather with family and friends to say thank you to God.

A time to remember God’s faithfulness to the early Pilgrims.

A time to remember His faithfulness to us.

A time to think and respond with gratitude.


Yes, I am thankful.

I’m thankful that God loves and lives and laughs! (Yes, God laughs. Sometimes at my silly ideas and antics.)

Yes, I want and need to be more thankful. I can think of a page of people I need to say thank you to.

I’m thankful for precious people and big things, but I’m also thankful for little things.

Hot water.

The smell of baking yeast rolls.

The smile of my children, no matter how old they are.

The touch of a soft hand or a rough calloused, weathered hand.

My husband up to his elbows in a sink full of dirty dishes!

The driver that lets me onto the highway when traffic is backed up.

Crunchy apples and sweet grapes.

Colorful leaves in somebody else’s yard! (So I look at them without having to rake them.)

A pot of soup on a cold day.

A loving church.

A patient friend that listens.

I’m thankful that I have discovered it is more blessed to give thanks, than to receive thanks.

But it took me a while to learn that one.


I’m thankful for you.

Listening to me chatter.

Responding to my posts. (I especially thankful when you do!)

Laughing at my silly stories.

And maybe sometimes crying over my sad ones.


Thank you for your friendship.

Friends share things.

So thank you for letting me share my walk and journey with God with you!


I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving…

whatever you eat or with whomever you share it with!

But beyond the food and good folks, I hope your thanksgiving is a new beginning of thankfulness.

The kind that is deep and enriching.

The kind that is spoken and shared.

Because thankfulness is not true thankfulness unless it is given away.

God  bless you real good! Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18





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