Does every believer need the Holy Spirit?


Listen as Pat explains why…

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Got questions about Holy Spirit?

And if the answer to that question is Yes..What are you doing about it?

Pat has taken a lifelong journey in the pursuit to know precious Holy Spirit. Her desire is to help every believer to know Him better, love Him more, and experience Him more deeply. That is the purpose behind her Holy Spirit Conference.

In this Holy Spirit Conference she will share valuable insights discovered during her journey to know Him and the importance of discovering who He is, especially in light of the troubled age we are living in today! Her desire if for you to know Jesus as Savior and to know the love of God the Father as a loving father. But equally as important to every believer is to experience the fellowship or friendship of the Holy Spirit that Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 13:14; “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”( NIV).

This Holy Spirit Conference/revival… 

will answer questions that many believer have had and it will bring clarity to who Holy Spirit is and the benefits of being Spirit filled.

Participants experience the person and presence of Holy Spirit during these conferences in a powerful way. Lives are changed, many receive the infilling with Holy Spirit and their lives are forever changed. When God shows up signs and miracles follow. God wants to show Himself strong in the lives of His children. He wants to set people free and mark their lives with His love.  

  Maybe the people in your church or class have questions…



Got questions about Holy Spirit?Maybe your  questions or the questions that you wish the people in your congregation were asking brought you to this page on the Holy Spirit.

While I don’t even come close to having all the answers, I can tell you I love Jesus and because the Holy Spirit is God’s agent in the earth today, it is vital to know Him if we want to know Jesus better! In case you’re brand new to the subject, and you have tons of questions, let me state my view upfront, yes, precious Holy Spirit is real and He has a personality. Now back to the questions.

Also,there are question about Holy Spirit.

  • What is the Holy Spirit?
  • Who?
  • What does the Bible say about Holy Spirit?
  • Did I receive the Holy Spirit when I got saved?
  • Has being filled with Holy Spirit passed away?
  • Who can be filled with Holy Spirit?
  • What will happen when a person is filled with Holy Spirit?
  • Will I act weird if I get filled with Holy Spirit?
  • Why should I be filled with Holy Spirit?
  • How do I get filled with Holy Spirit?

Got questions about Holy Spirit?

Even His name, Holy Spirit, leaves some people feeling spooked and others confused.

It seems to me that scripture intentionally cloaked the entire subject of who Holy Spirit is in a great mystery. It seems that God purposefully hid the mystery of Pentecost like gold is hidden in the earth for desperate miners to uncover. The first step to learning is to ask a question, so I love questions. Especially, because when people ask questions that means they aren’t just making assumptions. Jumping to conclusions and making uninformed assumptions robs believers of important  benefits.


Maybe you haven’t been asking these questions, but maybe you should…

Who is the Holy Spirit and why is discovering who He is so important to you? Especially in light of the troubled age we are living in today! I hope you know Jesus as Savior and Friend, that’s the first step. I hope you know, really know God the Father as a loving father, protecting, providing and guiding. But don’t stop there, you need to experience the communion of the Holy Spirit that Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” I thank God for the saving grace of  Jesus that I enjoy as a believer. I revel in my heavenly Father’s love, but we are missing so much if we fail to experience the  the power of the Holy Spirit and the strength that a relationship with Him brings.




Got questions about Holy Spirit?People have tons of questions about Pentecost.

What is Pentecost?

Is Pentecost another denomination?

Is Pentecost a historical event or a door?

Do I need to know about Pentecost?

Why do I need to know about Pentecost…it happened a long time ago?

The first step to that relationship is discovering who He is. There are so many things I want to tell you about Precious Holy Spirit. Can I share one of them here? He wants to be your partner…let me explain.

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The early church was born in the fire and power of the Holy Spirit. If the early church needed power then, don’t we still need it? Did God intend for the church to be born in dynamic fire only to sizzle out? Or has the lid of wrong teaching kept us from receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit?

I’d like to help you know more about who Holy Spirit really is. That’s why I have put together the Holy Spirit Conference.


Holy Spirit Conference

Subjects include:

The Who, What and Why of Pentecost 

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How to Receive Precious Holy Spirit

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My Favorite Prayer Partner

What Does Love Have to Do With It?

You Will Receive Power

You Need the Word and the Spirit

…and more.

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