Pat’s passion will ignite your heart when you listen to her preachor teach.

Whether you are looking to book Pat to speak in your church/event or looking for inspiration that will build your faith these some of our top favorites. Many of them are available for purchase in the store.

Her goal is to:

help believers live out biblical truths. Faith, hope and strong character come out of a living relationship with Christ.

stir people’s hearts to experience deeper intimacy with Christ and fulfill God’s destiny for their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pat’s Preaching Topics include:

Anointed to Minister

More important than all the how-to’s is the anointing. You can have it in your life. We’ll talk about the importance of the anointing and how you can flow in that anointing. This teaching is very popular in conferences wherever I go.

Stone Stackers or Water Givers

The drought in Elijah’s day was the consequences and symbolic of the bareness that comes when people ignore God. The desperation of the drought took them to Mt. Carmel and an encounter of the sweetest kind. It’s a love story. It’s a story that illustrates the altar is more than stones stacked one on top of another, it is a place where we encounter of the sweetest kind!

Trees of Righteousness

Teachers are called to be an example of righteousness, not just talk about it. Examples are given from Isaiah 61:1 comparing the sequoias of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the giant believer God can help you become.

My Favorite Prayer Partner

Do we really need to pray in the Spirit? How will praying in the Spirit help me-my family-my ministry? What is praying in the Spirit? I share my personal journey of praying with my favorite prayer partner.

You Can Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

In the Old Testament we see the Holy Spirit as a visitor. Resting on people, empowering people for specific task. But on the Day of Pentecost He arrive to not visit, but fill BELIEVERS. Helping us know Jesus better and have the power to witness and walk out God’s Word in our everyday life.

Agents of Change

Our culture desperately needs change. Yet a political party, money nor laws can bring real heart change. God has called and empowered the church to be instruments of real change through the power of the Holy Spirit. This message will motivate you to become an agent of change.

Knowing the Father’s Heart

It is easy to live in the house with someone and not really know them. In this session we talk about two brothers. Neither really knew their father or His amazing love. This message talks about moving from knowing about God’s love to experiencing that love personally.
Experiencing His Glory

Desperate for Him

In a comfortable, pleasure seeking culture, we know little about desperation. This message uses desperate people from the scripture to fan your flames of desperation for Him-Jesus!

Called to Victory

It is not God’s plan for you to win a few—lose a few. It is God’s plan for you to always be triumphant. We use powerful examples from the life of David to show you how to live a victorious, overcoming life.

Called and Chosen

God has called and chosen every person in your church. He has invested talents and ability in them for that job. Help them unlock their gift.

Carrying the Torch

This workshop compares the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch to the honor of teaching people about Jesus. It is a reminder that teaching really does change lives. You’ll be challenged to pick up the torch and run the race God has set before you!

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