How important is family ministry to you?

Is your church building families?

We say families are important, but what do our actions say about our values?

What are we doing to encourage parents to be better parents?

What are we doing to help children and youth honor their parents?

Is there a place in your church where families, not just age group specific ministry, but families are celebrated?

What makes a home? What makes a house a godly home? Are there any godly homes?

Television hurls insults and ridicule toward the male role model in the family. That attack undermines the role of the Father in the home. What are we doing to build up the male leader of the home?

Families are under attack.

God has a blueprint for the home. Do young couples that are raising their children in the middle of a famine of God’s Word know and understand that blueprint. Are they struggling to do the best they can with the flawed blueprint that they have put together by watching other young couples and Reality TV.
When we build our home using a flawed blueprint, we shouldn’t be surprised when it crumbles. But for some reason, we are surprised. We think we can do our own thing, in our own way and then expect everything  to work out fine! But the warning signs are all around us! The church can and should rise up to lead the way in building a strong, godly family.


Keys to SuccessInvest in the future; invest in parents.

That’s right. Invest in parents. They need God inspire, Biblical values to build their home upon. Teach them. Encourage them. Model for them so they know what to do and how to do it in a culture that has lost it’s compass. Parents need to be encouraged. Parents need courage to make tough choices. Listen to Pat as she talks about just one of those hard choices.

House or Home Clip (Click on the play button to listen.)


Keys to SuccessInvest in the future; invest in children.

Teaching children has never been more challenging and never have the stakes been so high! This generation of children have different needs, interest and values. That means our methods and our commitment to understand this generation must be a priority. Inspiration and creativity is vital to keep you on track.


Keys to SuccessInvest in the family.

Celebrate the family.

  • Have events where families play together, pray together and serve together.
  • I don’t think you got that one. It’s really important. PLAY. PRAY. SERVE. TOGETHER!!
  • Have family nights.
  • Have family services once a month.
  • Teach on family values. Sunday School. Small group. Sermons
  • Celebrate families that have their act together.


As we have traveled the country for the past twenty years we see leaders, teachers, parents and educators that are doing an excellent job. But we also see frustrated, inexperienced teachers coming into classes with a passion to impact the lives of children yet lack the skills to accomplish that goal. We believe we have resources that can help both the novice and the experienced teachers. Our training conferences, DVDs  and CDs teach foundational skills and inspire staff and volunteers to minister with excellence.

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Family Holy Spirit Encounter (Power Up for Families)